Monday, September 27, 2010

Midnight Post

Here we are, at 1:00 AM, Modiin time. I have finally recovered from the Migraine That Ate Godzilla (seriously, it was that huge), and woke up starving. So, naturally, I ate a Milky and checked Facebook. And then I realized I haven't updated my Loyal Readers on Sukkot, so here we go.

Wednesday morning: Momz and DADZ visit. They arrived Tuesday afternoon and are staying with Leezy and Elie in Beit Shemesh for the first leg of the trip. Since we hadn't seen them yet, they came over for a final don't-need-to-eat-in-the-sukkah breakfast bonanza. All manner of bread and mezonot food. The kids were superexcited to see them. Yaakov was especially happy to see Zaidy, since he (Yaakov) is in a very we-are-men phase. The 'rents left, and we packed up to head out to Maale Adumim. MA, if you recall, is the hometown of our Real Israeli friends the Sassoons. We managed to fill the entire trunk with stuff, despite only going for one night. That's the the kind of talent I am talking about, my friends.

Wednesday night: The big kids and fathers sleep in the sukkah. It is very very cute. Of course, this means they (the kids) are up at 5:40, with the sun, requesting breakfast.

Thursday: With only quick breaks to eat, the kiddies spend the entire day playing and making a Godzilla-size mess of the Sassoons'. Finally, at 7:15, it is time to leave, so we bid each other farewell. Another successful Sukkot at the Sassoons.

Friday: Kids eat breakfast, Donny and I have some achilas arai, and then we buy some real breakfast and invade the Balsams to eat in their sukkah. It doesn't bother us at all that Lisa is in the middle of cooking and cleaning for Shabbos. That's the kind of good friends we are. But no matter, she puts on some coffee and she and Nafi (and various children, wandering in and out) join us for rugelach and rolls in the sukkah. We then return home, pack up our entire apartment, and head out to Alon Shvut for Shabbat.

Shabbat: Kids have a great time with the cousins. Now, these cousins are all at least 10 years older than them, but no matter, Ariella and Yaakov make themselves at home. Aviva (cousin) takes them to the park near shul on Friday night. We eat dinner, I put Yaakov to bed 3 times, and then we conk out ourselves. The best part about Alon Shvut (besides the cousins, naturally)? It is NOT a million degrees out. Only about 500,000, which is a big improvement over the rest of the country. The next day, I offer to bring the kids back to the park. Yaakov sighs and agrees, although he really wanted "someone from the OTHER family" to take him.

Sunday: Israel Museum day! Ariella likes the old tombs, and Yaakov likes the old swords. We meet Momz, DADZ, Elie, and Leezy there for some ancient fun. Big kids do a recycling workshop, then we do what we do best - EAT! Found a really nice (besari) restaurant there. DADZ, who hadn't eaten breakfast yet, was hoping for some breakfast-type food, but I reminded him that in ancient times, fish and meat would BE breakfast. So it was very appropriate, considering the context.

Then, the fam left and we told the kids we were going to see the Dead Sea Scrolls. Ariella wanted to know why we were going to see some dead squirrels. Despite the lack of roadkill inside the Shrine of the Book, the kids thought the old scrolls were cool. Donny and I, having just finished a biography on our very own street, Yigael Yadin, considered ourselves experts on the scrolls and nodded knowingly as we read the captions.

THEN, we went to Uncle David and Aunt Adi's for a fabulous BBQ in their 3-room sukkah. With electricity and water hook-up. At this point, the migraine, which started sometime during the recycling workshop, had taken over, so I laid down on the Samsons' couch and succumbed to the visions of Voldemort. Donny fed the kids in the sukkah. Eventually, Yaakov wandered up to play with the toys. After everyone was stuffed and the wine was gone, we came home and (Donny) put the kids to sleep. Which brings us to now. Everyone still asleep, though one scheduled to make his appearance soon.

And that's all folks! More updates to come.



I hadn't made the connection between Voldemort and Godzilla as yet, but now they are joined forever in my imagination.

Godzilla: Hey, Voldy, where's your nose?

Voldemort: I'll get a nose when you get normal size hands. so there

Risa said...

I always thought that having one day of yom tov is easier than the three days in a row of yom tov/shabbos. However, with the one day in between yom tov and shabbos, from the descriptions I've read by olim, it seems to be an endless cycle of cooking, cleaning, yom tov, cooking, cleaning, shabbos, etc, (or packing and unpacking). Perhaps an ABA poll is in order.

Kathleen said...

That sounds like a lot of fun, until the Godzilla migraine part anyway. And I thought Voldemort was some kind of migraine medicine. I realized from Momz comment that it must not be.

Gila Rose said...

Risa, trust me, having done both, I much prefer the day off in between, filled as it is with cooking and cleaning. At the very least, there are DVDs.

Kathleen - I am hereby ordering you to read all 7 books of Harry Potter. If nothing else, it will enhance your understanding of ABA.