Friday, March 30, 2012

There's Always Room for Ramblings

Yes, I know it's Bad For You. And in general, I agree that we should not consume things that are bad for us. For example, I almost never make Garlic-Asbestos Chicken anymore. And thanks to my crunchy friends, I now have many margarine-free cookie recipes. But still. When you're baking pareve and you want a cookie with just the right amount of crisp, you really need some artery-clogging, lifespan-shortening margarine. Sigh.

Minister of Fun
"Superland!" "Playdates!" "Ice cream" "Ice cream and pizza!" "Cutie [this gymboree-type place in the mall.]" "A fabulous park!" "All of the above!" This is what's running through Yaakov's mind when he asks me, when I pick him up after gan, what we are doing today. 

"Go home." "Play with our toys." "Eat dinner." "Take a bath [if it's bath night]." "Go to sleep," are, unfortunately for Yaakov, usually the answers. And he is crushed. Every time. Why? Did he mistake me for a fun mother? And how many times do I have to disappoint him before he just gives up, resents me and swears to do things differently for his kids?

Also, clearly I have failed in my mission as a parent. Who are these children, who want to "do" things and "go" places? Haven't I instilled in them, by my own shining example, the value of getting into pjs as soon as possible and hanging out on the couch?

I am going to invent a new Facebook app. Every time someone posts a status about their Pesach menu, or how much they've bought, cleaned, or cooked, a tiny little fist will pop out of their "Enter" button and bop them in the nose. In fact, you will only be allowed to post about Pesach if your post also contains the words, "haven't done anything for."


SaraK said...

Love the Pesach app, it will be a big hit.

Commenter Abbi said...

Love the Pesach app, love the margarine ramble and my kids also hop in the car, after school and ask "What are we doing?" Seriously? You just had a 7 hour day at school and you want to do something other then go home and relax?

Gila Rose said...

Also, two bops if you use the words "turned over."

Abbi - let's send them out together and spend time in pajamas on the couch!

Commenter Abbi said...

Ooooh, spending time on the couch sounds really nice. I've been dying for a nap since around 3 pm. :(

Actually, that's the nice part about living in this neighborhood- the kids really do go out on their own to friends and come back around dinner time.

Kathleen said...

Loved your post!

Jon said...

It is four days into Pesach and I still haven't done anything for it.

charles said...

Your blogs and its stuff magnetize me to return again n again.
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