Friday, May 25, 2012

And A Happy Basket to You

Shavuot. The time of the harvest, of receiving the Torah, of scrambling to find a tene and zer perachim for your children to wear to gan. (A beloved - by ganenot, at least - and time-honored tradition; the tene, aka basket, represents the bikkurim brought on Shavuot and the zer perachim, aka flower wreath, the flowers that decorated Har Sinai).

In the Rose household, a snapshot of how the (not-so-mighty) have fallen (even further):

The older children, lo these many moons ago, going to gan with a tene and zer:

Ariella, with zer bought from actual flower shop!

Yaakov, with authentic tene!

And this year, poor Nadav, sent to gan with a sand toy and a lei.

(I would like to point out that I kept that darn red basket, pictured above, for a year, knowing I would need one this year. Sure enough, right before Shavuot, it snuck away, probably with Yaakov's kippot and the package of tissues I could swear was right here two seconds ago. They're hiding somewhere, snickering, and will show themselves only they've been replaced/are no longer needed.)

Wishing you all a happy Shavuot.



Oy, Nadav, I feel ya. Us Youngest Kids need a support group.

Rachel said...

He LOVED his pail. He was still clutching it when i got there. W a few clics added. And how cute was Ariella!

Kathleen said...

It's that way in our house too.

f/e said...

ariella was meant to have a real flower headpiece and nadav was meant for the chill look. youre doing a great job treating each child as an individual. take a bug and make it into a feature. if your parenting mantra is go play and let me read (i know im paraphrasing) then you might as well feel good about it.

Gila Rose said...

f/e - I like your attitude!