Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nadav Writes a Story

A Very True Story, narrated by Nadav and written by Meema. This Very True Story occurred in our own house, just this past Shabbat.

(Amended to include the correct chapter six; see comments.)


Chapter 1: Bee! Bee!

Chapter 2: Bee! Cookie! [Ed. note: The bee had landed on the bag of cookies.]

Chapter 3: Daaaa-dddyyyy!!

Chapter 4: DAAAA-dddyyy!!!


Chapter 6: Bee. Go.

The "bee" in question was actually a fly, so don't be too concerned that Daddy doesn't make an appearance until Chapter 6.

Also, for all of you Save the Flies activists (flyctivist?), Daddy did not kill the fly. He simply opened the window. First, the fly failed to notice the open section and hurtled himself into the glass a few dozen times. Because let's face it, even you flyctivists have to admit that flies, as a species, are rather dumb. After a few dizzying minutes, though, he (the fly) found the opening and zoomed out.

Till next time, Bee.



Flyctivists is my new favorite word after hafuching.

Donny said...

Actually, in the original edition, the last chapter read, "Fly. Go."

Gila Rose said...

Yes! You are right. I forgot the exact wording. I shall update accordingly.

JerusalemStoned said...

Five stars. That is a great story. Chilling in all the right places, with a satisfactory ending. I breathed a sigh of relief and am waiting for the sequel. Colorful, original characters, yet at the same time approachable; we can all relate to this story. Job well done.

Gila Rose said...

HA! Thanks for the great review! I'll let you know when his book of short stories comes out.

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