Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A New Blog (Donny's) and a New Downward Spiral (Mine)

First, I would like to wish us all a mazel tov on expanding the By Accident family. You will notice on the blogroll a brand new blog: Donny's "Investing by Accident." Come for the snark, stay for the sound financial advice!

In other news, I am catching up on my parenting magazines (aka "You're Doing It Wrong.") My mother-in-law is here from America and she always very kindly brings me a bundle of magazines. Yay! That's the good news. The bad news is that it turns out I am even a more terrible parent than I originally thought. Apparently my motto of "Lowering your standards, one day at a time" does not put you on the fast track for winning parenting accolades.

For example, this nugget of wisdom: "Instead of sticking the stuffed animals in the washing machine, we let Kaytleen take them into the bath with her. The toys get clean and Kaytleen has fun!" 
Wait a minute. I'm supposed to be washing them? On a regular basis? And the stuffed animals too? Craaaaaaap.

Also, I am so, so losing at the Food Art contest. To encourage my children to eat a wide variety of nutritious, healthy, colorful foods (and no, Fruity Pebbles do NOT meet the criteria, I'm told), I am supposed to craft cucumbers into lilypads and cauliflower into fluffy clouds and fish into, I don't know, fish? and spaghetti squash into a wholesome, nourishing noose so I can slowly hang myself.

Would the parenting powers that be, do you think, approve of "Hot dog is a protein and ketchup is a vegetable" night(s)?

Sigh. I didn't think so, either.

Anyway, as I bravely continue my downward spiral, parenting-wise, neither making cozy homemade felt animals nor helping my children develop creative zeal nor creating a Gratitude Garland nor being nicer to myself by "freshening up my surroundings" nor sculpting my salad nor doing anything with the scandalous-sounding "decoupage" (me, I try to stay covered up) nor Being Loving but Also at the Same Time Firm (oh so that's the trick???) nor -- oooh what's this item? "Cuddle up in New Pajamas?" That I can get on board with. Parenting magazines, I knew I always liked you. Let me change and I'll be right back.


Donny said...

My goal is to make it #1 in "traifin up the portfolio"!

MJ said...

Tell Donny I like his blog but there is no way I comment using a system. without the standard Name/URL option. Google already knows enough about me.

Donny said...
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Donny said...

Np. I have "lowered the bar" for comments at Investing by Accident! We can't wait to hear what "anonymous" has to say!

Tzivia in AliyahLand said...

Mazel tov on your husband's new blog! I've been enjoying your exploits and would be thrilled / flattered to be added to your blogroll. Relative newbies here, but you can find us and our fumblings at life in the holy land over at Adventures in AliyahLand.

Kathleen said...

Mazel tov on your husband's new blog! I am right there with you on that downward parenting spiral, hot dog is protein and ketchup is a vegetable nights and all :) (tomatoes are nutritious right?)
I am so not the type to make creative art out of food either!

Feige L. said...

Hi Gila! Former BY fellow classmate here - someone referred me to your blog, and I am enjoying it greatly! You'll be happy to know it has kept me alert via sneak-peaks during many a boring work meeting.

Suggestion - please post links to your articles on Israel National News as you write them. I found one by accident, and would really like to read more!

As a singleton, I have yet to experience the joys of parenting (although my extended family is kind enough to push this experience on me whenever they visit with their little ones). However, I'd recommend not feeling too inferior based on those magazines. Are you really going to let yourself be parent-shamed by someone who named their child Kaytleen? I mean, what is that? Somebody who couldn't decide whether to name their child Kathleen, Kathryn, or Caitlin, and just came up with some unprounceable mashup of the three?

Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

Gila Rose said...

Feige - nice to see you here!

1. Are you talking about my posts for jewish values online? They are all here http://www.jewishvaluesonline.org/jvoblog/index

2. Also - funny you should say that about the name. I randomly picked that because it seems that is what every parent who submits something to a parenting magazine has named their child. Some weird hybrid name with random "y"s thrown in.

Thanks for hanging out here!