Sunday, March 30, 2014

I've Done So Much for Pesach Already!

Read it and weep, ladies. And then save those buckets of tears cuz I'm coming over with celery. (That was trash-talk, Pesach style).

What I've Done So Far:

Thought: Hmmm, Pesach is coming.

Confirmed our Seder guests. (Two of Ariella's favorite aunts - Aunt Gitte and Aunt Talia, plus Uncle Jonathan, who Ariella will begrudgingly allow to come because Aunt Talia doesn't like leaving him alone for the holidays).

Imagined Pesach preparations. In my mind's eye, I saw myself cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming the toy boxes and buying the food. Perfect.

Opened my old Pesach lists. Note: This was not as easy as it sounds! My files were still on my old cmputer, necessitating me to:
1. Find the old computer
2. Find the power cord that matches the old computer
3. Turn on the old computer
4. Realize this is actually the old old computer which does not have my files on it
5. Find the newer old computer (NOC)
6. Find the power cord that matches NOC
7. Turn on NOC
8. Panic because NOC immediately switches to a blank, black screen, with only a non-blinking white cursor line in the upper lefthand corner.
9. Immediately text and then follow up with an urgent call to Donny to solve my problem.
10. Harumph that his only advice is "I dunno, wait a little bit, maybe it needs to charge first for a while."
11. Feel grumbly and enter DPM (deep panic mode) when I envision to make a Pesach sans list.
12. Feel sheepish when it turns out Donny was right. After about a half hour of being plugged it, NOC opened smoothly.
13. Found the files and uploaded them to SkyDrive.
14. Returned to regular "new" computer and printed Shopping List.
15. Perused my master Pesach list of our "haves and have-notes" and breathed a sigh of relief that after 14 years of making Pesach and spending thousands of dollars/shekel, the biggest thing we need this year is another milk bag container.

Pictured cooking the food. The mind's eye is an efficient and productive place.

Tomorrow: We (Read: I) actually buy some food. Mainly to satisfy Nadav's Four Questions: When will you buy things for Pesach, Ima? (Repeat three more times).

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טלי-ה רוז said...

Fin.all.y. This is all the pesach prep you need... Blogging. Don't you worry I happen to know uncle Jonathan has some major pesach-themed tricks up his sleeve that I cannot divulge. They will not "let him go".
I personally am ready for four cups of grape juice and some couch time with Gila while I start my own aunt-ing book "go do yoga with uncle j while I read the newspaper with your mom"- I joke!!!!
However, this blog does not tell me...
1. How many instruments does Ariella play since the last time your surprised us (she's been playing at Carnegie hall for years! We didn't tell you? Oops!)
2. Where have yaakov and Ezra disappeared to for the last four days?
3. How many times has Nadav asked about me but really didn't mean it ("gee aunt t, it was idle curiosity I don't actually want to see you and leave the comforts of my ima-centric world to ACTUALLY spend one with you. Loser")

Please add another post and address these items. Lots of love and poofahs (seriously updates on those too please!)