Sunday, November 7, 2010

No Medicine For You!

Today, I had to take Yaakov to the doctor. I am actually shocked that we made it through all of September and October without an illness. So, yay! The doctor looked at Yaakov's throat and said it looked pretty bad and we should start him on the antibiotics. We took our Diseased Stick and prescription and headed out to the Maccabi pharmacy.

Well, my friends, I guess Sundays isn't only a bad day to go food shopping. Apparently, it is also a bad day to need amoxycillin. Because the pharmacy was out of it. Yes, out of one of the most commonly prescribed medicines in the world*. I mean, what happened last week, when they saw they were running low?
"We're running low on Moxyvit."
"Well, we're getting our new shipment on Monday."
"But it's only Thursday. What if someone needs medicine before then?"
"Come on. We live in a city of 75,000, of which 70,000 are young children**. Really, what are the chances that one of them will be sick between now and Monday?"
"Good point."

This kind of thinking is dangerous. It is why, when we order dinner for the Festival of ToTh***, we are often told they are out of something - french fries, bread, meat. Because it never occurred to them that, hey, it's Thursday night, a historically popular take-out night. Why should we make sure to have enough fries? What are the chances that people are going to actually order them?

So, readers, fill in the blanks:

A pharmacy without Moxyvit is like....

a. A newspaper stand without newspapers
b. Staples without copy paper
c. Traffic without a circle
d. A bank without fees****

(*Source: Amoxycillin One of the Most Commonly Prescribed Medicines, In the World; a Made-up Report by Aliyahbyaccident.)

(**Source: Census Data Compiled Exclusively by Aliyahbyaccident based on Friday afternoon school/gan pick-up.)

(***ToTh - Take-Out Thursdays. Celebrated every Thursday. With take-out.)

(**** Argh! Just incurred the "Mentioned Bank in the Blog" fee of NIS 7.50)


Leah Goodman said...

1. You *do* realize that you can get the prescription filled at any pharmacy?

but you're right, it's REALLY annoying.


Footnotes! you've entered a whole new level of brilliance in blogging! Go Gils!

Gila Rose said...

Yes, of course, we went straight to SuperPharm afterward to fill the rx.

OneTiredEma said...

but at the maccabi pharmacy your son gets to enjoy the THRILL of pushing the button for the number and then anxiously saying, "are we next? what number are they on?" for the next 15 minutes.

wait, just me?

i saw mr. yaakov come into gan this morning--glad he's feeling better!

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Dadz said...



trn said...

d. A bank without fees****

This one totally wins.

Also ran, perhaps:

e. Shufersal without cucumbers

(*Source: Amoxycillin One of the Most Commonly Prescribed Medicines, In the World; a Made-up Report by Aliyahbyaccident.)

This cracked me up.

(***ToTh - Take-Out Thursdays. Celebrated every Thursday. With take-out.)

This too.

(**** Argh! Just incurred the "Mentioned Bank in the Blog" fee of NIS 7.50)

This too!

My attempt at humor will be to include my verification word: phobilai. I don't know, it just strikes me as funny. Anyone care to define it?

Refuah shleimah to Yaakov the tsaddik!

Gila Rose said...

Yaakov did indeed pushing that button, it's true.

DADZ - thanks for bringing back those memories. They did suffer from a similar problem. Mmmm....Kosher Bite....

And aren't blogs great? Now I know where to get my bird flu drugs! Awesome!

Phobilai - the fear of those flower necklaces.

Maya / מיה said...

Hey, I just discovered your blog when I asked my blog readers ( to suggest links... this looks like a fun place to hang around! You're on my newly-resurrected blog roll. :)

Cakes for KBY said...
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Elana said...

Gila- your writing never ceases to crack me up....

What is with the diseased stick anyway? My doctor always gives it to my kids as a toy- this week my 5 1/2 year old was like- "Ema, I still have this stick- why? (pouty 5 year old sick face)"

But the bank fee line is awesome! Keep 'em coming Gils!