Sunday, December 5, 2010

Exciting Chanukah Happenings

1. Ariella is going to a friend's for her first sleepover tonight.

2. For Chanukah, we gave Ariella the game חת-חתול (Rat-A-Tat-Cat. I have to translate it because when I wrote it in English - Chat-Chatul - it sounds like a game of incessant talking. Although, when Ariella is involved, most games are.) This is a game which relies on memory. Which means I totally suck at it. While Ariella is busy calculating which cards went where and which cards could be swapped and where I put my good cards, I'm busy pondering menus and blog posts and making sure Nadav doesn't actually swallow a piece of the cardboard he's sucking on. So, needless to say, she usually beats me. ("Mommy, you gave away your zero. Again!")

3. Ariella is going to a sleepover tonight. It's her FIRST ONE!

4. On Friday, we got to hang out with some Loyal Readers, who were actually Loyal Friends well before ABA was even conceived. (Can you imagine such a time???) These friends - to protect their identities we'll call them the "Shmoppers" - had traveled all the way from America just to see us. And while they were here, they also had some family bar mitzvah or something. Anyway, our grand plans were waylaid because I ended up at the doctor for an infection. (Not to get one; I already had one, though I could have easily picked up a few more in the waiting room.) And if there is one place you want to avoid on a Friday, it's the doctor's office. Luckily, he gave me a prescription and I headed off to the pharmacy. However, if there's a second place you want to avoid on a Friday, it's the pharmacy. So, a mere two hours after I left for my appointment, I returned with meds in hand.

At this point, it was 12:00, so instead of a great day spelunking in Beit Guvrin, we ended up at the park on Yitzhak Rabin right here in Modiin. Pretty lame; luckily the Shmoppers were good sports, and it was nice to have time to catch up. Plus, the kids were happy because they all got ARTIKIM!

5. Have I mentioned the sleepover???? The packing began on Friday.

6. Yaakov coined a new phrase: "Bouncing my tea." What else do you call what we do with our teabags in the hot water?


8. We had Unka Jonafin for Shabbat. He was delicious. (Ba-dum-dum-CHING!)

9. Unka Jonafin taught Ariella how to play Modiin Hold 'Em with dreidels and sticks. Her life as a cardshark (dreidelshark?) begins. I heard her explaining to Yaakov on Shabbos morning, "Yaakov, you have pocket gimmels."

10. Ariella is finally on her sleepover! I'm receiving updates from the front. The latest: "The girls are painting their nails. But not their thumbs, so they can still suck them."

So big, and yet....


Baila said...
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Baila said...

And so the sleepover era begins. Here's a piece of advice you won't take, and then will regret: when she asks you to have a sleepover party for her next birthday and invite, say 37 of her bestest friends, JUST SAY NO. Even if you think it sounds so cute and fun.

(And remember that piece of advice when she's a teenager as well).

December 5, 2010 10:34 PM

OneTiredEma said...

I once painted AM's fingers-not-thumbs. Opalescent pink, if memory serves. I am not sure Taxman has entirely forgiven me.

Glad the sleepover is happening. There aren't so many non school days in this here country.

Gila Rose said...

Baila, not only have I taken your advice, I'll do you even better - I have not even hosted a non-sleepover bday party.
Actually, we did it once - back in America, where inviting "all the girls" meant that 6 kids showed up and we did an art project.

Tired - this is very true. The idea of a sleepover was broached like two months ago. This was the only time it could happen.


Instead of going to a professional for much-needed psychotherapy, I'm going to confess to all of you that I never successfully had a sleepover until I was in NCSY. That's right, until I was 15, I got homesick and had to be taken home in the middle of the night. My name is MOMZ and I am a wimp.

There, I feel better. Send me a bill.

Kathleen said...

I can just imagine all the excitement over the sleepover. Did it go well? My idea of a sleepover party (besides not hosting one at all) is to limit the guests to one or two.
I thought bouncing my tea was cute and makes sense.

Rena said...

The whole extended "Shmopper" family was anxiously waiting to see if the visit would get a shout out on the blog. Thanks for not disappointing!

Gila Rose said...

"And the wimps shall inherit the earth." - fret not, Momz.

Kathleen, it did go well, but I am under strict orders not to talk to anyone about it because a certain daughter of mine hates being talked about, especially if the word "cute" is mentioned.

Rena, of course it deserved a shout-out. After all, more "Shmoppers" read aliyahbyaccident than any other blog! (or something like that.)

Esther said...

WE loved playing chat-chatul when the children were younger - great fun.

And I remember the first night both our children went to overnight music camp - Date Night!!