Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Guest Post From Momz!

Momz was called to do her civic duty this week. She was bored. To pass the time, she offered to write a guest plog about jury duty. Without further ado, I present:

Momz' Poem About Jury Duty

My name is Juror
It's on my sticker
The justice system here
Could be a little quicker

Six hundred souls from Baltimore
Ready to serve one trial, no more
Murder, robbery, all types of rot
We will decide – did he do it or not?

Hours 1 through 5 have now passed by
Reading, crosswords, movies I've tried
We wait to hear the voice which we fear
Telling us which group should go for voir dire*

But the magical voice hasn't spoken at all
Telling us to go somewhere down the hall
To answer questions about our 'tudes
On crime and lawyers and criminal dudes

Once in a while you hear a jingle
And no, it is not old Kris Kringle
It's a prisoner in shackles in the hall
This is a lovely place to hang out, y'all

At 3 we are released from service
Whew, now I am no longer nervous
At $15 each they spent 9,000 bucks
For nothin' – I wonder if they feel like [redacted]?

*Momz knows lots of fancy words. Like "emoticon." And "viceroy." And "redacted."


SaraK said...

Having had the marvelous privilege of Baltimore City jury duty for many years, I can truly appreciate the sentiments behind this beautiful poem. Nice job, Momz!
Baltimore City actually has one thing going for it: one day, one trial. In NYC they can make you come back for 3 or 4 days each time.

Lisa said...

Love it!! I hope there will be more guest posts in the future!!

OneTiredEma said...

I heart Momz and her mad poetry skillz.

Baila said...

Uhm, apparently Momz knows OTHER kind of fancy words as well. I'm glad she redacted. This is a family blog, after all.


Thanks for the comments, everyone. especially LISA, who almost NEVER comments. And Baila, the redacting came from my much more refined daughter, not from me. Someone has to have class in this family.

Baila said...

So depriving her of Cable really did pay off, huh?