Thursday, June 30, 2011

School's Out

And another school year comes to a close. I know, I know, for those of you in America, school is just a distant, fuzzy memory, but here, June 30th marks the last day (at least for the elementary school crowd).

For some reason, the end of the school year always makes me all weepy and nostalgic.

The beginning of the year is marked by nerves. Wondering how the kids will like their new teachers, settling into our new routines, getting into the grind of bedtime and homework and lunch-making and morning rush. But then things hit their stride "אחרי החגים," and while the first month of school always feels like it lasts ten years, from November on, the weeks just fly by.

And before you can say, "I need to bring in 50 gumballs for a party tomorrow!" it's Pesach and Yom Ha____ and Shavuot and the year is almost over.

Which brings us to today. I can now look back on the year and be so proud of what the kids accomplished.

Yaakov walking in to gan every day, by himself, giving me his patented "backward wave," because it's much more efficient than having to turn around to wave to me. So different from the boy who had to be pulled off my leg last year. And, this year, he got stickers! For good behavior! Who woulda thunk?

Nadav learning to walk! And to shake his head "no" as he throws his food off his tray!

And Ariella? I just loved watching her love school.

But now it's over. All the routines and compromises and accomplishments and disappointments and small arguments and end-of-day hugs that colored this year....finished.

So it makes me a touch misty-eyed, but you know, time marches on and all that. Anyway, we have chofesh to think about! Kaytanot, vacation, and lots and lots of pool days!

And then - onto the next school year.


Baila said...

Awwww. Have a safe, happy, summer.

Anonymous said...

You should feel a HUGE sense of accomplishment - and deservedly so. You've done an awesome job with the munchkins and they are lucky to have you - and so is Not Mommy.

Risa said...

Wow! What a sweet post! Have a wonderful summer and don't forget the artikim!