Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Q&A With Yaakov About Camp

Yaakov started camp on Monday. It is not in our neighborhood, and I didn't know any other kids going. So I asked him after the first day if he knew anyone.

"Yes, Ben! We play togethaw!"

"Did you know Ben before?"

[Exasperated] "No, I just met him today!"

"Do you have davening at camp?"

[Very seriously.] "No Mommy. We are VEWY busy. We have a LOT of pwojects to do and we don't have time faw davening."

"So, did you go the park at camp today?"

"Of cawse! We go to the pawk EVEWY day!" (This is after Day #2 of camp.)

So he's having a great time, though he's not thrilled with the aruchat eser choices, but I'm not offering to make him anything different because it is SUMMER and I am declaring my Freedom from Aruchat Eser until September 1st. It is the God-given right of Israeli parents to have 8 weeks off from aruchat eser every year.

Though, as Ariella pointed out, "But since we're not in tzaharon, you have to make lunch every day." Hmmm. Fair point.

Speaking of Ariella, she is going to camp ON A BUS. Her camp is in a nearby park/forest/campground (Ya'ar Ben Shemen) and she needs to get there ON A BUS. Also, she comes home from camp ON A BUS. Her BFF is also ON THE BUS with her. And they spend endless hours creating detailed plans about who sits where, and when, based on when each of them gets on and off THE BUS. The camp also has swimming almost every day (a rarity, from what I've seen so far) and lots of trips. So that's lots of fun.

But did I mention THE BUS????


Anonymous said...

I don't know how Yaakov puts up with you. You can be vewy annoying when it comes to news from camp.

Risa said...

Thanks, as always, for sharing Yaakov's perpective. I suggest a sequel (or perhaps foil) to your parenting book- Life According to Yaakov. Also, I find it odd how you said it was a rarity that camps have swimming every day in Israel. What is the norm? Do they expect parents to take the kids to the pool everyday? (If so, glad you joined your local pool.)

Risa said...

I meant perspective, sorry for the typo.

Gila Rose said...

The camps Ariella has been to so far are in schools, so they bus the kids to a pool a few times, but it's not an everyday thing.