Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ramblings: Special Shout-Out Edition!

My Tired friend has a gentle way of nudging me and reminding me that I need to blog. Usually she calls me "Dude." Then I know I'm in trouble for being a neglectful blogger.

So I dedicate this post to her. Even though I am jealous that she is leaving me to sweat here in 35-degree weather while she picks blueberries in beautiful 80-degree Maine. (I may not be bilingual, but I am bi-degree-al.)

Here are some thoughts swimming around in my head, similar to my children, swimming around the Modiin pool, although my thoughts do not shout at me, "Watch me, Mommy! Are you watching? YOU DIDN'T LOOK!"

1. Why does God, in His infinite wisdom, give children the ability to desire things before the ability to articulate said desires? ("Unnnnnhhh! UNNNHHHHH!" is just not cutting it.)

We often "UNHHH!" our way through the entire toy basket. Nadav clearly wants something, so we take out everything. The red ball. No! The blocks? No! Mommy's old pocketbook? NO! Piggy bank, MagnaDoodle, truck, frisbee? Nononono! ball? YES!

2. Why do Israeli children count starting from three? Anywhere you go, when kids want to count, like before jumping in the pool, or starting a race, etc., you hear, "Shalosh arbah VIH!" And they never finish. It's never "VIH-chamesh!" Just "VIH!" Like a numerical cliffhanger. I wonder if this continues in adulthood.

Surgeon, preparing to move a patient from the stretcher to a bed: On my count everyone!
[Staff, in singsong]: Shalosh arbah VIH!

3. A special shout-out to a new blog on the blogroll: kidsarenapping. The blogger is a friend of mine and mom of twins (boy and girl, since I know you wanted to ask). She writes in a way that will have you nodding your head and going, "YES! I know EXACTLY what you mean!" Even if your kids have come one at a time, I guarantee you will enjoy her blog.

4. Another shout-out to my "SISTERS" in Baltimore, on the birth of a son/nephew. However, let me be clear that this is the LAST shout-out until I see some COMMENTING!!

5. And a shout-out to myself, the newest blogger at Jewish Values Online. (You can access the blog here ). If you want to know which blog entries were written by me, just look for my code name at the bottom: "gila."

I'm always on the lookout for interesting topics to blog about over there, so if something catches your eye, let me know and I will bring my formidable blogging powers to bear on the topic of your choice. (And yet another shout-out, this time to A Mother in Israel, for unwittingly providing me with some of the recent blog topics.)

6. Well, I am just about hoarse from all these shout-outs. Time to rest the blogging voice. (But hopefully not for too long, Tired.)


OneTiredEma said...

The counting thing kills me dead. Every time.

PS It's Duuuuuuude
PPS In order to get to the good weather I am facing five plane flights and a 10 hour drive.

Taxman (aka OneTiredAbba) said...

And, the adults DO count from 3 (at least in the medical field). I have asked a number of adults about this and NOBODY could explain WHY! Oh, well. Just another Israeli anamoly.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet God is tickled pink that you bolded His name.

Karen said...

That was the funniest comment ever (the God one)! You and your mum make a great double act. Your blog ALWAYS makes me laugh, out loud. Thanks and keep it coming! (You don't know me but I think your blog is really excellent - and so's your mum's by the way).

Shani Berger said...

I've definitely heard adults count from three. listen when someone takes a picture: instead of one, two three SMILE! they say shalosh arba vih.....

Gila Rose said...

Tired - Duuuuude, I expect blog posts from your Endless American Summer. Or I'll booby trap the washing machine.

So awesome that erroneous counting continues into adulthood. I'm so proud of us, as a people.

Momz, God and I have an understanding, re our blogs.

Karen - thanks! Momz (or is that Mumz?) and I will be performing all week!

Kathleen said...

I thought you and Momz were performing all week? What happened? I too enjoyed your Special Shout-Out Edition and found the Israeli counting anamoly interesting. You don't find that kind of information in a book.