Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Meta Moment with Ariella

Ariella was home today, on the (hopefully) final day of her unfortunately-it's-not-strep-illness. Luckily she was feeling up to running some errands with me, including but not limited to: The Mall, library, the Devil's Own Playground (aka post office), the bank and Rami Levi. While driving, she spotted this billboard:

קוטג' עם גינה ענקית (cottage with huge garden)

"I don't understand. Why would they give you a huge garden when you buy a box of cottage cheese? And where would you even put the garden?"

After I explained it was referring to real estate, not dairy products, we had a good laugh, and then Ariella helpfully suggested: "You could write about that now on Facebook."

Well, a bit too long for Facebook, but she's on the right track.


Bethami said...

when does ariella get her own facebook account? i want to hear more of her ideas...

Anonymous said...

I'm so very proud. That's nachas/t.

Commenter Abbi said...

Alternative title: Getting Meta With Ariella (Sorry, i'm an incorrigible editor.)