Monday, December 5, 2011

Ramblings: Nadav Edition

Let me tell you how things are really going down.

First off, Mommy is STILL bringing me to this "gan" place. Every. Single. Day. And she is STILL leaving me there. Doesn't she hear my heartbreaking little cries as she callously passes me off to a ganenet, like I'm just some sobbing sack of potatoes? (Do sacks of potatoes sob? Discuss.)

But it's okay, after a minute of crying, I get a cookie and then all is better. And to tell the truth, I have a pretty good day. First, they have waaaay better toys than at home. Example: At home, we have a few lame plastic animals. You've got your standard horse, sheep, alligator and space rocket. But at gan! The animals! There's a whole freakin' BUCKET of them! And the food - let me tell you, these ganenet types know their way around the kitchen. Such variety! At home, it's a lot of the same-old, same-old, from the food group known as Lazy. Gee, Mom, you know how to make both pancakes AND French toast? Someone get this lady a cooking blog! NOT!

So gan is all right, though I still don't understand why Mommy wants to bring me there instead of hanging out with me all day.

Anyway, she is still complaining that I do not talk enough. Again, I say: I completely understand everything I am saying. And yes, I call both Ariella and Yaakov "Lala." Is it MY fault the parental units chose to give them each different names? I didn't think so.

Although Mommy is impressed that I now understand directions. Sometimes it's "Throw that out," or "Bring me your shoes," or "Go find Ariella," (I'm never sure the purpose of this one. I think it's just to get me out of the room.) But mostly it's "Take that out of your mouth!" and "Don't swish your hands in the toilet!"

Sometimes, when I'm in my groove, having an especially good jam session of Pot Top Banging, Mommy will shout (she has to shout, see, 'cuz of the Pot Top Banging) "Please stoooopppppp!!!" Luckily, I just pretend I don't understand that one yet.

Also - weird - Daddy seems to be gone. One day he's here, next day, poof, nowhere in sight. Every so often, I hear his voice and I run, shrieking "Addy! Addy!" But then one of the Lalas just sticks the phone in my face and says, "Say hi to Daddy!" And I hear him, right? But I don't SEE him. This confuses me. How did he fit in the phone? And are there people hiding in all the phones? Maybe I should just lie down on Mommy for a while and suck my fingers while I ponder this.


MomzWifeofDADZ said...

Definitely worth waiting for. And boy, have we waited.

Kathleen said...

Once again Nadav, good to hear how life is treating you! Although I have to say that I'm with your parental units on saying please stop swishing your hands in the toilet. I can see how that would be confusing trying to figure out how Daddy got into the phone. I'm sure the LaLas will explain it to you soon.

Baila said...

Maybe it would be easier to understand if you SAW Daddy in the little box that is on the table. You know the one mommy looks at all day until she realizes it's time for dinner, otherwise known as pancakes and french toast. Yeah, that one.

SaraK said...

Nadav, your mom totally deserves a food blog. Especially since she has so much free time. Gan sounds cool. I would totally love to spend my days there.

Jon said...

A space rocket is a kind of animal?

Risa said...

Elan has few things to say:
1)of course sacks of potatos can cry, they have "eyes," don't they
2) my mommy or abba drop me also send me to gan (although we call it preschool); another way to annoy them is when asked how was your day, answer nonsensically, such as by stating the name of your teacher or a friend
3) hey, your siblings have a name similar to mine; i call my big brother "Lalu," you'll soon find that it's fun to get them in trouble, such as by starting to cry for no reason when your mother's back is turned and then when she asks what happened say "Lalu (or Lala in your case) hurt me"