Monday, April 16, 2012

Cows and Swords

Well, Pesach has come and gone. And just like every year, we cleaned, cooked, asked, sang, ate, hiked, and got chased by cows. Well, that last one happened only to me. The annual Running of the Cows in Modiin. Although, frankly, I would perfectly happy if it stays a one-time event.

We also added to our post-Pesach list, our love notes to ourselves that we started way back in 2000, with little nuggets like "We need non-leaky tube pans." We tend to write to ourselves in very strong language, and we are fond of exclamation points. This year's additions: "We have 2 dish drainers. This is enough! Stop buying them!" and "We got 2 serving dishes as a gift. They need to be toveled!"
We also added to our file of Unique Parenting Phrases:

"Has anyone seen the sword?" and, related:

"You may not take the sword to street maariv!"

(The reason one would be looking for the sword, by the way, is because it is excellent for sweeping toys out from under the couch.)

Also, Nadav decided to place my collection of return-for-desposit bottles into the washing machine. I would ask why, but really, does one need a reason?


Eliana and Michael said...

The "love notes" are the best. The year you actually read them prior to doing or not doing all the things you were supposed to do or not do--even better.

charles said...

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