Monday, August 13, 2012

Greetings from the South!

Hello! Can you hear me? We're in Eilat!

This year, we took a departure from our normal northern vacation spot to head dow-nee ocean (that's a Baltimore-ism for you out-of-towners).

Why Eilat?

Everyone told us, from personal experience, that we should not go to Eilat in the summer. So it was obvious that to be true Israelis, we need to go to Eilat in the summer and then tell other people not to do it. Check!

So far, there has been eating out, artikim and pool. (You had me at eating out.) In the hotel, the kids were fascinated by the "big mat that covers the floor." (Israeli children, meet carpeting). And Ariella's new goal in life is to order room service.

Tomorrow we head to the aquarium and ice city. We will keep you posted from Eilat, The City You Should Never Visit in the Summer but Everyone Does.


Robin said...

You are just too funny! We've only explored north, except for brief trips to Beer Sheva (because of family) I keep wanting to go to Mitzpe Rimon and just spending the day in the indoor pool.....I don't think the kids could handle it. Glad to see they enjoy carpeting!

Mrs. S. said...

Wow! I'm very impressed that you didn't cave! We were seriously considering going to Eilat this summer. But after one too many Real Israelis told us that we absolutely, positively shouldn't - under any circumstances - we got intimidated and sheepishly changed our plans... :-)

SaraK said...

LOVED the Baltimore-ese!

And this is hilarious
the kids were fascinated by the "big mat that covers the floor." (Israeli children, meet carpeting).

Anonymous said...

Noisy perhaps?

Commenter Abbi said...

We've done Mitzpe Ramon in the summer. It's actually really nice, the heat isn't that much hotter than the rest of the country, just drier which makes it more pleasant. And the nights are great. You really don't want to spend the whole day at the indoor pool, because, that's just humid hot, except for being in the water.

You have raised your kids right when carpeting is a luxury. :D

charles said...

Unbelievable work man!! Keep your heads high you probably did it.
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