Monday, August 6, 2012

Time Travel, Revisited

The excitement is palpable here in the Rose household. Aunt Leezy From Australia is coming! (Because Donny and I both have sisters named Leezy, we need to differentiate them. When we are talking to each other, we modify it with "my Leezy" or "your Leezy." For the kids, who have never met Donny's sister, we call her Aunt Leezy from Australia. Well, Ariella has met her, but was 9 months old the last time they saw each other).

For those of you sharp-eyed readers, you probably caught on that Ariella is waaaay older than 9 months now. So this means we have not seen Aunt Leezy from Australia for a very, very long time. The last time we saw her was at her wedding in 2004. But this week, Aunt Leezy is doing a whirlwind tour of the world, visiting Baltimore and Israel. (My favorite part of the trip? Besides, you know, getting to see her? How she leaves Australia on Sunday and arrives in Baltimore that same Sunday! The International Date Line rocks!)

A certain child who wishes to remain nameless asked, "But why is she coming all by herself? Why doesn't she bring her kids?"

I tried to explain. "More expensive...blah blah blah...hard to travel with kids....quick trip....blah blah blah." But this was not computing. "So just bring the oldest kid!" (Spoken like a true first-born. If, you know, it was the first-born who said this.)

Then I remembered, "Well, Aunt Leezy's kids are starting school now. So if her kids went, they would miss school." Enter discussion of backwards seasons, now it's winter, etc. etc.

Nameless child pauses for a moment, considering this.

Then, "So it's already 2013 there?"


Sara said...

I can't believe that she hasn't been to Israel since you made aliyah. Weren't they talking about movin back?

tinablue87 said...

So exciting, have a great time with Aunt Leezy from Australia!

charles said...

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