Thursday, October 11, 2012

Goodbye Sukkot; Hello Winter. Or: Not

Choref Lookout
Now that Sukkot is over, we are officially in Choref Zman, which means no vacation until Pesach. Yes, school will be off for Chanukah, but not work, so me + kids - Donny = Not Vacation. BUT, the upside of choref zman means we can now eagerly anticipate the days of less hot weather. This is the time of year I actually check the forecast, because it may deviate from Hot and Sunny. So without further ado (though in general I love a good ado), AliyahByAccident is proud to present our Official Choref Lookout:

7-day forecast: Hot and Sunny


Sukkot Roundup
In other news, Loyal Reader f/e asked about our sukkah. And I never like to leave Loyal Readers hanging.

In the 13 Sukkot Donny and I have celebrated together, this is only the very second time we've had our own Sukkah. It was very emotional. And large. Well, we were emotional. The sukkah was large. Though after 2 weeks of non-stop partying, we were kinda both.

Anyway, the sukkah spanned the entire mirpeset, which is like, super big. It's some number of meters by some smaller number of meters. Or maybe it's some number of meters by some larger number of meters. I forget. But it was big. We could seat 18 people  and still have room for a couch and some armchairs. Because what's a sukkah without a living room? Maybe Donny will post some pictures later. And really, all the credit to our fabulous sukkah goes to Donny, who, if you were stuck on a desert island with him, would totally have an ingenious way to rig up some shade to protect you from the beating sun. Although, he's really the planner, not the builder, so before you get yourself stranded, you might also want to grab Ron, who built the poles which held up the s'chach. So yes, with Donny and Ron, you would be well protected. Oh wait, also take the grill. Donny makes a mean steak. And some marinade. You know what? Forget the desert island. Just stay here. There's plenty of room in our sukkah.


SaraK said...

Your sukkah was bee-yoo-tee-ful! Was also great to see Momz!

charles said...

I would unquestionably provide ten out of ten for such incredible content.