Sunday, April 28, 2013

Taking Care of Blizzness

(That's Blog Business)

First, two new blogs added to my blogroll:
Apartmentality, by my friend Shira. She knows about color and materials and, you know, design-y stuff. And she's an interior designer! Here in Israel! She has taste! Call her!

Also, an aliyah blog by Loyal Reader Eliana, Oys and Joys. Clever name, no? (I'm talking about the blog name, to clarify. Eliana is a great name also. Though I don't know that I would describe it as "clever." But maybe. Eliana herself is very clever. Okay! Let's move on, shall we?) You can become her Loyal Reader too! Except I've trademarked "Loyal Reader." (No, I haven't). So you'd have to be a "Devoted Follower" or something. And don't worry about jealou-blogosy, like you'd be cheating on this blog if you went ahead and read that one. Loyal Readers (or Devoted Followers) have room in their hearts for everyone's aliyah traumas! Anyway, our blogs are really good friends and even go out together for coffee and wonder why the cups are so freakin' small.

In other business:
In this crazy big-yet-so-small world, we recently had the opportunity to meet two Loyal Readers, who were previously unbeknownst to us. They made their way to us through the blog, and we got to meet them! In person! The best part was that when you talk face to face, you don't to type in random strings of letters and numbers before each exchange.
Anyway, one Loyal Reader-turned-friend is none other than the aforementioned Eliana. We had started emailing before they made aliyah and we recently got to meet the entire Oy family! And we liked them!

The other is Craig; a mutual friend of ours suggested ABA as good reading for those considering aliyah. And then - this is the crazy part, so I hope you are sitting - he said this very blog helped inspire him to make aliyah!

Naturally, the first question we asked him, once we stopped choking on our food, was, "Are you sure you're reading the right blog?" He assured us that he was, and even pointed to the specific post that served as the inspiration: the one about my stolen purse. (Or maybe it was this one.) In his words(ish), "If you can survive a stolen purse with humor, then you can probably survive anything aliyah throws at you. So let's go!"

So. There you go. In addition to constantly helping us all become the best parents we can be, ABA also helped bring one whole family to Israel! Nefesh B'Nefesh, I'm waiting for your phone call.


SaraK said...

You should be prominently featured on the NBN homepage. Wow!

Craig Eagle said...

Now "Craig" is a clever name. Especially for a guy who is crazy enough to make Aliyah based on the first of those two posts, although honestly I have read all of the posts :)
Quick question though, how many poofahs is this worth? 50 days to go!
- Craig

Gila Rose said...

Oh Craig, let's go for an even 150 poofahs. Also, I don't know if you know this, but ABA has a sal klitah as well. You get 500 poofahs per month for your first year, just to help you get through. So start saving!

Eliana said...

Wow Gila. I'm so honored to get a shout out on your blog which is like the mother of all aliyah blogs. Shavua tov, Eliana

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