Sunday, June 2, 2013

Things I've Been Saying Lately

Take your car out of the yogurt
Everyone gets privacy in the bathroom [Ed. note: Excluding me. Obviously]
Yes, you can bring your shoko into the bath
Is there anything molding in your tik today?
No, Nadav, we can't pee together.
I will pay you not to hit people
Hang up your towel. Hang up your towel. Hang up your towel. Why is your towel still on the floor????
Come here, I'll kiss your teeth. [They were hurting.]
Any homework? [Dear God, Please, please let the answer be no. Kisses, Me]
Did you even LOOK for it?
Stop being a davka-nik [DAVkanik (n). Origin: Me. Def: Touching your sibling's chair ever so lightly with your foot so as to annoy the hell out of him while you innocently proclaim, "What? I'm not doing anything!" Or: When you don't really want the red car; in fact, you may despise the red car. But hell will be so frozen that the icicles will have icicles before you will give the red car to your brother. He will have to pry it out of your cold, dead hands. Which he may be able to do, if you don't stop it and just give him the car]
Fine, get the sandwich out of the garbage and finish it.
You're right. If someone does something to you that you don't like, the best response is to do that same thing back to him. I'm sure that's what Hillel really meant. [Talmud, revised: Can you tell me the Torah on one foot? Yes: Don't let your sibling get away with squat.]
Put. Your. Clothes. In. The. Hamper.
Yes, I was listening to everything you said. [Ed. note: Not really]
Where's your other shoe? Why are they never together?
Yes, you need a bath. Yes, you need to change your underwear
When you  choose one thing, that means you are un-choosing something else.
What was I saying?


JerusalemStoned said...

There is great love in my heart for you. And a little bit of fear that you are standing on my front mirpeset and looking in.

Gila Rose said...

Right back atcha, JS.

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