Monday, May 27, 2013

Toddlers: They Cannot Tell a Lie

Scene I: Nadav whacking an older sibling with a toy. I remove toy from his hands. Cue gloating (older sib) and crying (Nadav).

Me: Nadav, you can't use your toys to hit.


Me: Do you want the toy back?

Nadav: כן (Yes)

Me: If I give you the toy, are you going to hit [sibling's name, probably Yaakov] with it?

Nadav [solemn nod]: כן

Scene II: Nadav has scampered away from me during the Bedtime Triathalon (PJs - Pee - Teeth!) I find him in Donny's office, eyeing the bag of the American M&M's he (Donny) is supposed to bring into work. We are ever so slowly whittling away at the supply. Note to Donny's colleagues: What candy?

[Nadav looks guiltily at me.]

Nadav: אמא תלך! (Mommy, go away! Ed. note: For those keeping score, the conjugation mistake is all his.)

Me: Okay [as I leave, I move the candy bag out of reach.]

Nadav: לא!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Noooooo!!!)

Me: Did you want me to leave them there so you can eat them after I left?

Nadav [bursts into frustrated tears]: כן!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, toddlers, they may not give you privacy (although, who doesn't enjoy an audience while they shower?). And they definitely do not give you peace of mind (No, please don't show me how you slide around on one leg in the bath). But at least you can count on them for total honesty.


Isobel Phillips said...

Hi Gila,

I've been laughing with you since LN (lifne Nadav of course). I'm delighted to tell you I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award and I really hope you'll accept. No, this isn't spam and there's no charge lol. Find out more here :)

Hope to hear from you :)

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