Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rollin' with the Roses

Here's how it all went down one night last week:

First, Ariella made a picture out of cucumber and etrog peel.

She was devastated when I told her later we'd have to toss it eventually, because Science would happen to it in the form of mold and rot.

Nadav conducted his own science experiment. Turns out, if you place your sippy cup of Nadav chocolate milk* upside down on top of your cup of Nadav coffee**, it will drip into the coffee. #gravityizkewl

*Recipe for Nadav chocolate milk: Make sure he's not looking. Pour regular milk into a sippy cup. Shake so bubbles form. Serve.
** Recipe for Nadav coffee: Add about 1/8 tsp decaf instant coffee to cup. Mix in a little hot water to dissolve the coffee. Add milk and spoon. Serve.

Then, it was time to sit on each other in various configurations:

(Say hi to Mt. Laundry in the corner!)


and finally

"Don't worry Mommy, we're not really laying on Nadav." So there's that, at least.

Then, naturally, it was time for last year's broken umbrellas to come out to play.

Because our chances of Poking Each Other's Eyes Out with Pointy Objects was teetering dangerously on the low side (now that the lulavim are finished). But don't worry, the children rose the occasion admirably and corrected that problem. Eventually Mommy persuaded them to put the umbrellas away, in the form of snarling and grabbing the umbrellas. Worked like a charm.

There was also Ariella practicing judo moves on Mommy, but, oh well, no picture of that. Just imagine an agile little monkey trying to topple, well, a big, slow, lazy monkey and nearly succeeding until the bigger monkey cried, "Ohmigod Ariella stop I'm going to fall!"

It was like that.


Tzivia in AliyahLand said...

Hilarious, thanks! :-)

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