Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dryer Findings

In addition to the usual - enough ponytail holders to hold every one of Rockette's hairdos firmly in place, and enough change to buy a packet of ponytail holders - here are 2 interesting dryer findings:

1. A keychain with Nadav's picture on the front and the words, "Tamid itach/always with you" on the back. Which? Oh God, really? ALWAYS? I find this a threatening, not heartwarming message. Kind of like a dire warning which will be acted upon later when I try to pee alone and have to explain AGAIN why mommies can't do it standing up. Also, the keychain popping up suddenly in unexpected places is not helping me feel any love toward this particular gan creation. (On my night table! On the floor! On a dresser! Next to my cup of coffee! In my skirt pock - AHA! Now I understand how it got to the dryer).

2. A stick of gum. It proved surprisingly resilient after going through the washer and dryer cycles, retaining its shape instead of melting and sticky-fying the rest of the wash. Which makes me:
a. Grateful and
b. A little alarmed and wondering if gum is really a thing I should be allowing my family to place in their mouths.

(Because, Life Lesson, kids: things that go through the wash unscathed - clothes, ponytail holders, change, action figures, rocks - are usually not things you should be eating.)


Mrs. S. said...

You'll know your klitah is complete when your dryer findings start to include random bits and pieces of military life. #elasticsAreNotJustForPonytailsAnymore

זיוה שחר said...

I'm writing from the Spokesperson's Office in the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption in Jerusalem. We're creating a blog roll of interesting blogs written by Olim to Israel, on all different subjects, to help new Olim and those considering Aliyah to read about life in Israel. We would like to list your blog, Aliyah by Accident, on this blog roll, which will be posted on the Ministry's social media and possibly our website.

Please let me know if that would be acceptable to you.

Ziva Shachar

Placido Etzioni said...

Congrats on being found by the Ministry of Absorption!