Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Something Slowly This Way Comes

So a few months ago I started running. (Because of, you know, all the cookies.)

I will now answer some FAQs about my running:

Q. Whaaaaaa???? [This was from my parents.] (This came as a surprise to them because my main goal in life is to sit on the couch in pajamas eating cookies and watching TV, and the only reason I even exercise at all is because on the elliptical, I can at least do the last part).

A. Yes, running.

Q. So, you're a "runner?"

A. No, I am not "a runner." People who are "runners" are usually:
1. Training for some type of marathon
2. Fast

I am neither of those things.

Q. How can we know you're telling the truth about this "running?" It's not like you ever post it on Facebook.

A. I don't post my runs or times on Facebook, because:
1. I am rather slow
2. I don't get very far (although if you hear of any good 2Ks, lemme know)

So I keep it offline, because posting my times on Facebook would be the equivalent of saying, "Hey everyone, look how awkward and uncomfortable my kid looks here!" or, "Look at this soggy pie I made!"

Q. Do you pass people on the right or on the left?

A. Well, I don't really have to worry, since usually I am the one being passed. In fact, the only people I pass are:
1. Going in the opposite direction
2. Stopped on the side of the road to let their dog pee
3. Older couples who are taking a leisurely stroll holding hands

Q. When do you run?
A. I run early, at like 5:30 in the morning, for the inspiring reason of "I like to get exercise over and done with first thing." Also, also it's cool then. Also, at 5:30 a.m. there are very few people out that can see me running. This is important. Running Me is not the sort of rapturous beauty over whom wars are fought. When the great minds at Maxim are discussing their next magazine cover, I'm pretty sure no one exclaims,"Hey, I got it! Sweaty woman in mid-30s huffing down the road in baggy swim skirt and old t-shirt!"

Q. Can I run with you?
A. Yes. Just don't look.

First, a pre-announcement announcement: I am going to talk about charity and something other than myself, so hold on.
Now, back to our Announcement:
Someone who IS training for a marathon is none other than my own husband and infrequent-ABA contributor Donny. He is running the Jerusalem Marathon as part of the Crossroads Jerusalem team. (I'm waiting for them to open a 2K option before I join). If you want to join or sponsor, get in touch with me or sign up on Crossroads' website. Bonus: If you live in Modiin, Donny will even train with you, though you may end up cursing him out. Don't worry, you won't be the first.


Health And Safety Consultant Kings Lynn said...

I love running. It is not that I want to take participation in any marathon or race but running is something which gives me joy.

SaraK said...

There is the עממי - the public race part of the marathon that you don't really have to run. People come with baby strollers and kids. There's also the 800 m :)

Good luck with the running! I started training for the 10k in the Jerusalem marathon. I use an app that constantly asks me if I want to post my results to FaceBook and I also refuse.

Eliana said...

Hi Gila. I think you might have confused the cursing. Though I can't imagine the sort of low life that would use any sort of cursing I believe that the curse was not "cursing out" but laying a curse on Donny. Harry Potter style.

Donny said...

Remember: whatever doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. Look on the bright side: Michael is really strong now!

Dorona said...

Crying with laughter. Mainly cause you described me. Expect for the mid-30s part.


Also, Gila is really good at mimicking the Phoebe Central Park jogging style, hands flailing, big smile on her face, legs going every which way.

So when I imagine her running (cause it's not like I'm ever going to get up at 5:30 and watch her), I think of that and it makes me laugh.

But I'm sure she is a very elegant and classy runner. Aside from the sweat and stink. Otherwise, though.

Gila Rose said...

thanks for your continued support, Momz.

SaraK - impressive! Also - want to join the Crossroads team?

SaraK said...

I'm already on the Gift of Life team