Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bubby and Zaidy!!!!

Our poll has now closed and we would like to thank everyone who voted in it. After intense analysis of the results, we have come to the following conclusions: Most people think we're crazy.
There is a new poll starting today, so be sure to vote!

In other exciting news, I received my temporary driver's license on Thursday! Yipppeee!!! This is actually a big relief, because the whole week I was pretty sure they were going to call me up and say, "Oh, we actually made a mistake - you really FAILED your test. Please contact your instructor about scheduling your 30,000 lessons that you need to take now." So it was a big relief to hold the temporary license in my hand. Only one step left - go to the post office, pay some money, and then in a year or two, I should receive my PERMANENT license. This has got to be the most expensive license in the history of licensing.

This Shabbos was very exciting in the Rose household - Bubbyzaidy are here! Donny went to the airport early Friday morning to collect them. They are renting a car but needed Donny's expert navigational skills to get back to Modi'in. So they got here around 9:00 and then Leezy, Elie, and Netanel came for breakfast and we had a Gala Reunification Ceremony which involved lots of hugging and Dadz stuffing himself with rugelach, because, as he pointed out, "You can get eggs in America." After L&E left, Momz and Dadz stumbled, bleary-eyed to their bedroom to recover from the flight. I understand as I am STILL recovering from our flight 3 months ago. And Dadz never misses an opportunity for a NAP.

Friday night everyone went to bed pretty early, but I did spend some quality time on the couch with PEOPLE that I have missed very much. No, not "people," PEOPLE. be reunited with my favorite magazine. There was much to catch up on - did you know Obama won the election and Courtney Cox Arquette used Botox but swears she's "over it?" - but I had to read them quickly because Leezy and I divvied up the magazines, and I have to be finished my half by next week so Momz and Dadz can take them to her. By the way, since we are on the topic of Friday night, I want to let all my loyal readers know that I made a chicken soup again, and this time there was no beet or weird-smelling parsley and Donny rated it a 10/10.

Shabbat morning Donny and Dadz went to the Nice People Minyan and Momz and I took the kids "late" aka 9:45. The brilliant minds at Dimri make sure the Shabbat elevator is working only at times that are convenient for no one, so when Momz and I needed to schlep the kids and the stroller down five flights of stairs, the Shabbat elevator was not Shabbat-ed and we indeed had to schlep down the stairs. Brilliant! Luckily there was another awesome kiddush this week, so I got to eat Yerushalmi kugel, Dadz had some of his beloved herring, Donny drank, and Yaakov shoved Bissli into his mouth. We went to the Shabbos park and hung out for a while, then headed back home. Luckily, the Shabbat elevator was working for the trip up, and it was at the lobby just as we walked in. Donny took the stairs and the rest of us piled in. We waited until the doors closed and then....nothing. This is normally the point in the elevator trip when you start to, how do you say it, MOVE. But nothing. We were starting to feel slightly panicked, like maybe something had broken and we would spend the rest of our days in this tiny elevator, munching on tissues and calling for help but everyone is stuck outside the building because they can't remember the stupid code so no one hears us. And then hundreds of years later they excavate the building during an archaeological dig and they shake their heads and say, "Why did Dadz think he was going to need a sweater UNDER his sports jacket? It's freaking 75 degrees outside!"

To avoid this awful fate, Momz invoked pikuach nefesh privileges and "ACCIDENTALLY" pressed a button, just to see what would happen. She hit 7 (we live on 5 - come on Momz, can't you accidentally press a little more accurately?) and we indeed moved up to seven. As it turns out, we got into the elevator mere moments before the Shabbatedness was being turned off, so the whole "not moving thing" was because it was no longer on "pikud Shabbat." Haha! Gotta love those Dimri folk!

We had a nice lunch, then Momz and Dadz stumbled, bleary-eyed to bed, where they slept off their remaining jet lag. Dadz specifically did not want me to make fun of how he slept the ENTIRE afternoon, so I won't mention that here. I will only say that it was really no different than any Shabbat afternoon in DadzWorld, except that the nap was shorter because minchah was at 4:00. Also, speaking of Dadz, he wants everyone to know that the reason he never comments on the blog is not because he's a bad father. It's because whenever he tries to comment, poor guy, the site asks him to "register" and this is very confusing for him so he stumbles, bleary-eyed from the computer and goes to take a nap. Also ALSO (sort of like P.P.S) you should all know the reason I make so much fun of Dadz is because there's just so much material, but that I do love him very much, but there is just SO MUCH material!

Tonight Momz and Dadz headed out to Bet Shemesh to visit with the Kleins Jr., after receiving extensive, exhaustive, detailed driving instructions from Donny.

By the way, Donny is now V.P. of Polling, so any and all complaints, comments, or compliments should be sent his way.


momz42854 said...

the best part was reading this out loud and watching dadz react.

BubbyT said...

Welcome Momz and Dadz to Israel..unfortunately, my time is up and I go back to Baltimore tomorrow...Gila, enjoy the company and keep up the great blog. I love reading it.\

Laurie said...

Ah, there's nothing better than Friday night and a good People....