Thursday, November 20, 2008

Your Prayers Needed

Although I am known (or not known at all) as the "silent partner" in aliyahbyaccident, I can be silent no more. Today, Gila needs your help!

Gila will be taking her driving test for a second (and final!) time tomorrow ("Friday") morning at 9:00 AM.

In the greatest poofah giveaway in the history of the world, I hereby announce that I will award 1 Billion (Billion! Unbelievable!) poofahs to each loyal reader who posts their good luck wishes to Gila on her driving test.


Shira said...

I hope to wake up to the news that GILA PASSED HER DRIVING EXAM first thing tomorrow morning!!! Hatzlacha Rabbah and may the force be with you!!!
Fan Club President

Laurie said...

Good luck Gila!!!!

momz42854 said...

Go Gila Go Gila Go Gila
Gimme a G
Gimme an I
I!! get the idea.
Love you, gils.

yael said...

Good luck Gila!!!!!

Lisa said...

Why didn't you tell me last night? Good luck!! I hope it went well!!