Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Slow Day (thank the good Lord) so I will use this time to talk about dust

Today, as the title indicates, was a slow day. Thank God! I love slow days! All my days should be slow and boring! In the morning, I got to "see" Australian Leezy, thanks to the miracle of Skype, and even got to see my blurry niece and nephew. I don't believe they are blurry in real life, although I can't be totally sure since I've never actually seen them. Skype is truly a wonderful thing. We got to see Aunt Deborah this week as well, and I'm working on Dadz to get Skype at his office. First he has to find the "on" button on his computer, but I am confident that once he does, it'll be a hop, skip and a jump....and a few more hops....another jump...just one more skip....and we'll be ready to find the "in-ter-net." He can even decide whether to use Firefox or Explorer; what's the difference, it's all Google anyway to Dadz. (This refers to an actual quotation from Dadz: "What do you mean, Google is creating their own browser? Don't they have that now? When I open the internet, Google is right there!")

So dust. There is a lot of it here. I refer here to the famous chazal: There were 10 kabins of dust given to the world. 9/10 of those kabins were given to Israel. And 9/10 of THOSE kabins were given to Gila & Donny's apartment. Dirt and dust enters my apartment by the truckload, or should I say Croc-load. Then, it mixes with drips of water - you know, when you do the dishes, the water from your hands drips on the floor, or when kids have wet feet after the bath? That water - and creates what scientists call "mud." The floors fluctuate between "dirty" and "filthy" despite my efforts to sweep and mop ("sponga" in Hebrew). And the brooms are just not aggressive enough against the grains of dirt and dust. I'm starting to think they're actually in cahoots with the dust motes. I mean, you sweep, and the brooms sort of lovingly caress each bit of dust and hold onto them for dear life, so they all stick to the broom and then end up...back on the floor. And Arica "Factor" Saltzman tells me, "You think it's bad now? Just wait till it starts raining! Then it's REALLY bad!" Well, I sure am looking forward to that! It sounds like some kind of fun! However, I do get a great deal of satisfaction from scrubbing the floors before Shabbat, safe in the knowledge that for 3 whole minutes - right after I've mopped, while the kids' feet are safely tucked away in the bath, and Donny's in the corner "fixing" the Vonage ("Can you [crackle crackle crackle] beeeeeeeeeeep....") - my floors will be sparkling clean. Ahhh....breathe in that chemical-based floor cleaner and exhale slowly. It's a beautiful sight.


Jon513 said...

Google does have its own browser, it's called chrome (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_chrome).

yael said...

Did you vote??