Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Breakfast, Supersol, and Trucks

On Tuesday, Leezy came over in the morning and we all (me, Leezy, Momz and Dadz) went out to breakfast with Lisa. We figure now that we've taken Lisa out for breakfast, we've totally paid her back for spending her summer finding us an apartment, then furnishing it with table, chairs, kitchen stuff, beds, linens, towels, and bookcases before our lift came, (and we still have the bookcase) feeding us for a week, chaffeuring us around Modi'in, and generally being our Comprehensive Aliyah Guide. Two eggs and Israeli salad sounds like sufficient payback, don't you think?

In the afternoon, we went to pick up Ariella. Bubby and Zaidy got to see the gan and meet MorahMayawhotalkedveryfastandwasimpressedwithhowZaidyandArielladidtheparshahsheet. Then, it was off to Shufersal! Well, first we had to make a quick stop at the cellphone store, which is right next to Shufersal, because my charger wasn't working. (After trying the charger in many different outlets at home, I finally took a closer look at the charger and saw that the wire was, in fact, severed. And no, in case you're wondering, taping up with some Scotch tape did not do the trick.) So we stopped in the store, where luckily there were many seats for Momz and Dadz to rest their weary feet. The "take a number" machine was broken, so I went to the nearest person with a name tag on. Unfortunately, the name tag said "Supersol" so that didn't really work out. Eventually a man came and used the sophisticated method of writing a number on a piece of paper. Of course, when it was my turn, the suspicious lady thought I wrote it myself and wanted to send me back to get another number, but no way was she going to talk to me like that! I am Israeli now! So she agreed to listen to my problem. One would think this should be fairly simple. Charger. Broken. Need new one. However, I think my lady was just out of Cellphone Customer Service Training School (after she got sent back for some remedial courses.) She kept asking other workers, particularly her friend Nimrod, what to do. Eventually she figured out that, oh, she should see if they have another of the same charger in stock! Brilliant! She found one pretty quickly, but then spend twenty minutes pachooching (yes, I made up that word) on the computer. I kept asking what the problem was and she assured me that the problem was hers, not mine, but it seems to be that the problem was most definitely mine if I had to stand there while she stared blankly at the computer screen, my new charger just inches away, teasing me to take it and run, but no, waiting, waiting, waiting, while she solves "her problem." Finally, Nimrod indicated that I should just take the charger and run, so I left with my new (free) charger and headed into Supersol with the fam.

The highlight of the shopping trip was Ariella's new outfit. As you may recall, Supersol sells some high-quality clothing. Bubby, enamored by the thought of buying an outfit with your cereal, plus seeing the joy on Ariella's face at the mention of "new clothes" convinced her that she should buy Ariella a brand new sweatshirt and sweatpants. In case you are wondering, "Just how excited was Ariella?" I'll tell you. She had the sweatshirt on before we even finished checking out; she would have changed into the pants too if we would have let her. Within mere seconds of coming in the apartment, she stripped out of her skirt and donned her new, velour sweatpants. Stylin'!

After picking up Yaakov we went to the awesome, hole-in-the-wall falafel store and ate our fill. Then, Momz took the kid to the hole-in-the-wall toy store next to the hole-in-the-wall falafel store. Ariella got stickers (actually, they're stick-on earrings, but I'm not going to be the one to tell her that!) and a puzzle and Yaakov got a brand-new truck! This truck is some high-quality stuff, let me tell you! It comes with "flashing light!" although "sometimes differ from the model enclosed." And don't worry, because "our quality is second to none!" Plus, this truck is "simulating the true styles and making carefully!" with a special function "TV design electromotion running!"
I promise you I am not making these quotes up - they come directly from the box. You know those dollar stores in America with all the cheap toys? Well, the rejects from those stores are sent directly here. But the children were happy, and luckily I caught Momz and Dadz before they put batteries in Yaakov's truck.

Today Momz and Dadz were off to Bet Shemesh, and we reached another important aliyah milestone - our milk bag leaked in the fridge. I was kind of wondering how long it would take until a milk bag got punctured. The answer is "About three months." This is why I always buy lots of milk when I go shopping - because you can never predict when a puncture will happen.

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momz42854 said...

Gils, next time I'll buy you a velour running suit too. Maybe the pink one with the little sequin decals.