Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shoppin' in Kiryat Sefer

Today, folks, I graduated. Can you hear the strains of "Pomp and Circumstance" (Poe-mp v'Circumstantzia" in Hebrew)? I traveled all the way to Kiryat Sefer and shopped there....by myself. Of course, I contacted my Kiryat Sefer guide, Lisa, in the morning, but she was not feeling up to to the trip. I was faced with a dilemma: Need for cheap Chanukah stuff vs Fear of traveling to Kiryat Sefer unguided. I decided to plunge ahead. Ariella finished gan at 11:00 today, because tonight was the gan Chanukah party and they needed HOURS to set up the classroom. After I picked her up, we headed out to do our shopping. Luckily, Lisa gave me directions, and all the stores I needed were in the easier-to-get-to shopping center in KS, and not the other one, known as the harder-to-get-to shopping center. Kiryat Sefer - and I believe "sefer" is derived from an old Arabic word meaning "cheap junk" - is FULL of shopping centers. I mean anything and everything you need, don't need, might need, think you need, or hope to never need, is sold in Kiryat Sefer. It is Tchotchke Heaven! Also, the stores aren't hindered by nonsense like "type." For example, in Eichler's or Shabsi's (depending on your geographical preferences), you can buy kippot ("yarmulkes"), CDs by guys named Shmoopee Yankelbergovich ("His Greatest Hits!"), havdalah sets, kiddush cups, cookbooks ("The Bubbies of Bais Rochel"), etc. etc. etc. However, you probably won't find rechargeable batteries or alarm clocks. Because Judaica stores sell Judaica. They don't sell electronics. However, in Kiryat Sefer, it's all fair game! Need a dreidel, some paper napkins, a clock, and permanent markers? Come to "Chai-C" (actual store name) in Kiryat Sefer! If you want to buy underwear (for men, women, and children of all ages!), a crock pot, and puzzles, visit "Achla V'Something!" I guess it's sort of like Israel's answer to Target, but without amenities like "Starbucks" "shopping carts" or "space."

Anyway, the bottom line is we got two cheapy menorahs for the kids, a Chanukah CD, a PLASTIC sifter (though I am very close, Sarah, to buying the machine thingy that does it for you in two minutes), a puzzle, and of course, some rechargeable batteries. It is very important for me to listen to this CD because I grew up on "I Had A Little Dreidel" and that other song that talks about dancing the horah. Needless to say, they do not sing those songs here. It is somewhat sad that my children will not grow up with the "Dreidel" song, and spend hours on Chanukah trying to remember the words to the second verse. So meanwhile, I have to learn all these new Israeli Chanukah songs. Don't worry, folks, I'm on it. Luckily "Maoz Tzur" is universal. Phew!

In other Kiryat Sefer shopping news, I wanted to get some dreidels. I thought it would be cool to buy some "pay" sevivonim. I scanned the dreidel bin to make sure they were "Israeli" dreidels and saw that they were. Ariella picked two to buy. However, when we got home, Ariella said, "The pay is missing!" And sure enough, they were "shin" dreidels! Oy vavoy! Donny wisely noted, "That's because in Kiryat Sefer, they're saying, 'The miracle happened down THERE, down the road in Modi'in!'" Anyway, we'll keep looking because you don't get any more "Po" than Modi'in during Chanukah.

Apology time: I would now like to take this opportunity to apologize to one of my anonymous fans out there, who I will now only refer to as Batwoman, for nearly blowing her cover. Don't worry, Batwoman, your secret is safe with me.

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Lisa said...

I knew you could do it!! I had faith in you, even when you didn't believe in yourself. How many Poofahs do I get for letting you go to KS alone? I feel the need to hoard poofahs. I have already hoarded enough baking soda!

momz42854 said...


momz42854 said...

Kapayim l'gila for her n'siya to KS!

ont said...

My math has always been awful, but lets just say its been a really long time. Love reading your blog, except for the fact that i am reading it all backwards! Quite proud to sign, (not like Shoshie) ONT

Janette (Jenny) - The "Get REAL" Coach said...

Yeah - what is up with that 11:00am closing time?? I had to do that two days in row - once for T and then for Noam...and Noam's party wasn't even in his classroom!!
Guess it's a universal gan thing. Who knew this is what they do all over the country?!
kol hakavod for the KS trip. Now you can do anything! (I used to say the same thing about driving in Brooklyn.)

Janette (Jenny) - The "Get REAL" Coach said...

Oh - can I still be a loyal reader without reading the entire blog like Lea? I love you guys and feel as if we went through a lot of this together - the ups the downs - the turnarounds....and beyond. Plus we do have the elevated relationship thing going on. Or does that only apply to Donny and Robbie? Ishto kegufo?
(Also wondering who comes up with these word verifications when you want to post a comment...very interesting.)

Sbad said...

Qiryat Sefer sounds like a great place for a COAT SALE.

Anonymous said...

Where did you come up with "Shmoopee?" This is the nickname we gave our dog (her real name is "Pepper."