Sunday, December 14, 2008

Poll Results and Feedback

First of all, thanks to everyone who voted in our poll. It is an AliyahByAccident record - 22 votes! Even if Momz voted 19 times, it's still an impressive showing from our loyal readers. The results show conclusively that most people who voted are Loyal Readers and two people are smart-alecks who answered "I refuse to answer." Those are likely the same people who back in the day, when the teacher took attendance, answered "Not here" when their name was called. We're onto you.

There have been a number of comments in recent posts that I would like to take few moments to reflect upon.

1. Jenny is SuperNanny.
2. Boys named "Yaakov" do not sleep. Should have gone with "Edgar."
3. Children not sleeping is a very emotional subject for our readers. Two of our loyal readers, who are grandparents now, are still traumatized by the nighttime wanderings of their now grown children. One of those children, who is my brother and I will therefore not name so as not to embarrass him, was such a terrible sleeper that his parents still shudder at the thought of the first two years of his life. (He will tell you that he had "headaches" and it wasn't his fault.) Next time you see Dadz, casually mention, "Hey, remember that night you stayed up with [name deleted] all night because he refused to go to sleep? Remember that?" and watch Dadz run away shrieking.
4. Apparently even when children are grown they STILL cause their parents sleepless nights. I don't want to think about that now.
5. Momz has had a Fruit Wrinkle stuck in her teeth since 1984. Ewwww!
6. I should keep a container of nail polish remover in the car for those emergency pre-mikvah sticker removal situations.
7. I am a twit for buying a metal sifter in the first place.
8. Leezy believes I am a loser.
9. Dadz is now caught up on the blog. He had missed a few days of reading, since he was here, providing "blog fodder" (that's actually the name of one of the characters from Star Wars.) I assume, had he figured out how to comment, he would have commented that he was caught up; therefore, I am commenting back on his hypothetical comment. It is very impressive that Dadz had time to read, considering it's almost the fifteenth. Of what, you ask? It doesn't matter - it is ALWAYS almost the fifteenth. Even when it's the sixteenth.

In other news....we continued learning about nivim in ulpan, and there were even a few that either I never learned in BY (can't be) or I just don't remember (very likely.) Irit, the teacher even whipped out an old, worn copy of a NIVIM BOOK! I have found Mrs. Steinhart's soulmate! I can just imagine the two of them, sitting on a porch, sipping coffee, talking only in nivim.
"Tovim hashnyaim min ha'echad."
"Ahhhh, kol hatchalot kashot."
"Acharon acharon chaviv?"
"Emor me'at v'asay harbay."

Ariella's integration into Israeli life continues. She does a "Die!" (= stop it!) like no one's business, and has now started bringing chocolate sandwiches to school. She also likes to make up random sentences in Hebrew comprised of the words she knows:
"Tagidi li shokolad?" which roughly translates to, "Tell me chocolate?"
And Yaakov has never, ever, once, put his Crocs on the right feet. This has nothing to do with anything, least of all the price of tea in China, but I thought it was worth mentioning because I thought of it right now.

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sbad said...

You are causing me a Nivim/Steinhart anxiety attack ... I can see those little black words dancing in front of my face ... PLEASE STOOPPPPP

momz42854 said...

I just would like to announce that I plan to print out the entire blog punch little holes in the paper, and put the entire thing in a binder (I love binders) so that I can review and laugh on those long Friday nights (which become those long Shabbos afternoons at some point in the year). If anyone would like a copy, you the same thing yourself. hahaha you thought I was going to volunteer to do it for you. hahahahaha NO.

Janette (Jenny) - The "Get REAL" Coach said...

That's super COACH nanny :)

Shoshi said...

You're making it very difficult to stay anonymous...

Lea Speiser said...

Just found your blog and must say I have just spent the last hour or so (can't tell b/c I lost track of time) reading it from top to bottom (if that's how you read blogs). Gila - you're my new hobby - too funny! I love your stuff - keep it coming!! Your momz and dadz must be proud - say hello for me!