Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Anecdotal About Jonathan

I give you....An Anecdotal About Jonathan

Jonathan is a delightful young man. He brings a shrewd intellect and incisiveness to all of our discussions. He particularly enjoys parsing the nuances and subtleties of literary classics such as “Curious George,” and “Goodnight Moon.” His punctuality at minyan three times a day is inspiring; we know it is not easy to find time for minyan in the midst of such a busy life, and he is truly a role model for the rest of us. And indeed, Jonathan’s days are quite filled. In fact, we know he is so busy because he is often unreachable for days at a time, unable to answer his phone or an email. This does cause us some concern, however, that a young man who is so intelligent and has quite a knack for computers and software still hasn’t figured out how to check his voicemail. We are sure that with guidance, he will be able to excel in this area as well.

Jonathan is an excellent scavenger, and has proven he is capable of surviving off leftover chicken bits and nuts and berries he has managed to forage. These skills will continue to aid him throughout his life. Jonathan is a young man with exceptional abilities and a quick wit. His friendliness and geniality endear him to all who meet him. We wish Jonathan much luck in his future endeavors, and hope that he is one day able to forage a job and a wife.