Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quick update

It is a good thing I spend a lot of my time reading other people's blogs. One of the first blogs I started following was Arica "Factor" Saltzman's, and it is kappayim l'Arica that I can report to you this crucial information:
This week we celebrated Delurking Day! Can you believe we missed it? It was officially celebrated on Monday, January 12, but luckily it was a nidcheh this year so it was actually pushed off until Wednesday. (That is a total lie, but I hate being late for anything.) What's that? You don't know what Delurking Day is? Except for Arica? And probably Lisa because she reads Arica's blog? Well, my friends, my Loyal Readers, I am here to enlighten you. Delurking Day (and yes, I am going to use that phrase as often as possible because it sounds funny)....where was I? Oh yes, Delurking Day is the day when Obsessive Readers, Loyal Readers, Occasional Readers, Sometimes Readers, Infrequent Readers, Once-in-a-while Readers, Reluctant Readers, I Hate Your Blog But I'm So Bored I'll Read Anything Readers....basically, everyone except Never Readers, come out of the Anonymous Readers Closet! Post a comment, let us know you are out there and that you heart aliyahbyaccident, or at least it doesn't repulse you too often (digressions on peeing in the park notwithstanding.) Anyway, I know you are there, because you often vote on the polls (unless that's just Momz voting 10 times), so post a comment! Show us some love! Celebrate Delurking Day in style! (And if you insist in remaining anonymous, and those of you know who you are, then you can send me an email instead, no fewer than 250 words, filled with gossip and random thoughts and news about your life.)

And speaking of the polls....only three days left to vote! Don't miss out! You don't want to be standing by the water cooler next week, while all your friends are discussing their picks and the results, feeling really lame because you did not take take part in the poll. Time is running out! Walla!


momz42854 said...

I am hereby officially telling you that I read your blog every day. In fact, I may be the ONLY reader who has printed out the entire blog and re-read it because I love it so much - that's right, kids, every Shabbos I read over one month's postings. Pathetic you say? Well, wait until your kids move 6000 miles away and then judge. Anyway, I hope I am hereby lurked or delurked or whatever.

Shira said...

oh Genuis! Delurking Day!!! What a great idea. I vow to post comments more often in a manner befitting the Fan Club President.

tinablue87 said...

Hi Gila, This is a great blog. It's wonderful to hear about your adventures in aliyah. -SaraQ

Arica said...

I am coming out of the lurking closet. I am a loyal reader! I am a little insulted that you didn't enjoy the flasher, I thought he was cute! Keep up the great blogging and sorry I got it a day late!