Thursday, January 15, 2009

Delurking Day Demystified

Ok, based on the paucity of comments yesterday I am going to think either that I didn't explain "Delurking Day" clearly enough, or everyone except for Momz, Madame President Shira, and SaraQ have Bissli for brains. But since I think very highly of my Loyal Readers, I will go with explanation A. Let's explain this simply. Post a comment. That's it! Whether you've posted before (Momz and Shira) or not (SaraQ), leave a comment so we can see how many of you are out there.
(Quick etymology lesson: Lurk = furtively sneaking around, so delurk = stop sneaking! Expose your identity on the blog! But even if you have commented often in the past, and therefore do not qualify as a "lurker," post a comment anyway, because the staff of aliyahbyaccident LOVES comments!)

So in case I haven't been clear. Post. A. Comment.

PS There is actually a logo for Delurking Day, but I opted not to include it because it has somewhat inappropriate overtones and there are former Bais Yaakov students who read this blog and I want to keep it clean. However, for those of you who are interested (Momz), you can google Delurking Day and see for yourself.

PPS 100 New Poofahs for anyone who can get Dadz to post a comment. I realize Momz has a slight advantage in this contest, but since she hasn't been successful yet, it's really open to anyone!


Jon513 said...

In cyberspace no one can hear you read.

Sara said...

Hmm - I've commented previously so I don't consider myself a lurker.... but maybe my identity was unclear. Here is the clue: Gotta run, the kids are playing too quietly in Avi's room with the door closed.

Laurie said...

Too funny. Questions: When you say Bissli for brains, do you prefer the classic pizza flavor, or my girls' new fave - taco?

Anonymous said...

What's a Poofah? Bernie loves your blog- why hasn't he posted a comment? Ahava

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