Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not again...

Poll update: Thanks people. My future is resting on the outcome of this poll, and you all think it's funny to vote for "Tizke l'mitzvot???????" Well, frankly, I am not amused. I look to my Loyal Readers for sound career advice, and this is what you come up with? Unless you are implying I should spend my days embracing "mitzvot and ma'asim tovim." In which case, I should ask you this fundamental question: Have we met?

Big shout-out to Ahava "The Office" Leibtag - who printed out the blog and read it aloud to Ephraim, while simultaneously shooing the children away so they could read in peace. She clearly read the chapter in my book on child rearing entitled, "Leave Me Alone So I Can Read the Blog!" Now THAT is Loyal Readership.

I began my week of freedom with my long list of Things To Do That I Have Pushed Off Until Ulpan is Over in hand. Well, ulpan is over; time to get started on that list. ("Clean bathrooms." "Buy milk." "Do laundry.") However, I was unable to start on said list because Shabbat afternoon, Ariella suddenly spiked a fever. That's right, Sunday morning found us back at the doctor's office, and I traded in my to-do list for a diseased stick. Luckily she felt okay enough by 1:30 to go to the Balsams for our weekly playdate/English lesson. We picked up Yaakov afterward and I let them watch Monsters' Inc. before dinner. Plus I made French toast. Am I a great mom or what?! Sunday night, Ariella was once again in our bed, and at 3:30 we moved into the living room. Yaakov was very confused when he woke up - "Why isn't Ari-lala in she bed?" Today there is a tiyul to the ecological farm in Modi'in. The tiyul is organized by the misrad haklitah and I'm hoping everyone will feel well enough to go, since Ariella's been looking forward to it for a month, and Yaakov since I told him about it three hours ago.

Shout-out (sort of) to Dadz: Well, I'll give you and Momz some consolation poofahs for your comment. I got an email alert that Dadz had posted on the blog (I get alerts when anyone posts - it doesn't have a Dadz radar or anything). I read his comment in my email - it was a heartwarming, tender note - something about me being a lazy, good-for-nothing with too much free time and I should take more ulpan. Dadz and I have a special relationship like that. Oh, and there was a second comment, in which he wrote only his name in ALL CAPS. Because DADZ LOVES TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS. However, when I looked at the comments section on the blog itself, the comment had been "removed by author." So I'm not sure what to make of this - did he have a change of heart and somehow figure out how to remove his post? Haha! Like Dadz "How do I rewind the video without having to watch the whole movie backwards" Leibtag would figure out something like that. So I'm going to assume it was an accident ( would be a great blog for Dadz.)
BTW - I know a lot of you think when you see "Comments removed by author" that there's some scandal behind the removal - in reality, it's usually people like Dadz that need to take Remedial Commenting 101.


Some Updates: (i.e. this is what happens when I start the blog at 10 in the morning and then finish it at 8 at night.)

Ariella: Seemed to be doing better. But looks can be deceiving. In the morning, we went food shopping (Shufersal’s Motto: Welcome Back, Gila! It is also the motto for the doctor's office), then worked on our puzzle together. (It’s 1,000 pieces, but don't worry, I have Ariella on my team.) We picked up Yaakov early from gan, and since everyone seemed to be feeling ok, headed out to the tiyul around 2:15. Yaakov was thrilled to be on a bus, and I’m hoping that being on a large vehicle with lots of other people and a huge window will help him get over his airplane obsession. The tiyul was really nice – it was at the Ecological Park in Modi’in, and I’m feeling very green now. There were stations for pita-making, make your own herbal teas, create your own hand cream (herbal, of course, no tri-sodium gluphamates for us!), and we even planted a tree with the mayor of Modi’in! Yaakov’s favorite parts were the bus, pita making, and the free raisins. When we got home, however, the kids took a quick bath and Ariella promptly fell asleep during dinner. She felt a little warm, oy vavoy, and we STILL don’t have the results of the strep test (#1 Thing I Miss About America: Rapid strep tests.) Anyway, tomorrow is vacation, or as Dadz would say, VACATION because it is election day. Israelis only get a Sunday every four years, so they take it VERY seriously. No one works or goes to school. Shops are closed. It is an INTENSE day of vacation. Everyone MUST relax! We are hoping to go to see the Sassoons in the morning and then have dinner with the Balsams (yes, Lisa, we are planning on coming!) We are also hoping to sleep through the night. But, alas, we are nothing if not realistic.

Dadz update: 1,000 NPs to Momz! It turned out that Dadz did have a change of heart about his comment. Or, rather, Momz changed his heart for him. He has reposted, and you can all read his comments. Just go to the "comments" section of the blog. If you need help figuring it out, just ask Dadz.


momz42854 said...

I wish I could have videotaped my attempting to teach Dadz how to make a comment - it ended up with him saying "whatever" or more like WHATEVER and me rolling my eyes so much they almost popped out of the top of my head. He IS cute, though.

Anonymous said...

This blog has become like heroin to me- I need a hit once a day. I'm actually thinking of bringing Navon in March just so I can hang out with you Gila- I"m just afraid of the diseased sticks.

Aliza said...

Just to clarify, Dadz not only writes in ALL CAPS, but in his handwriting, it is all caps AND slanted.