Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wishes Revisited

Well, Ariella did get her candy bag, and I do have now 12 Loyal Readers (Welcome, Ahava!) but things did not go exactly as planned. As a wise man once said, "Man plans and God gives them a stomach virus." He was very wise, that man. As it turns out, believe it or not, that's exactly what happened to Donny. Shabbos morning he woke up with a stomach thing, and had the audacity to blame it on MY cooking. (He thought it was the cabbage soup, which was a brand-new recipe and would have been excellent as a sauce over meatballs and rice but was, I will admit, somewhat lacking as a soup. But I digress.) However, (see, I was going to write "anyway" but I decided to introduce some other vocabulary words to the mix. But now I wrote it anyway. And again! Does that count? Is it like Ariella saying a silly word, and then telling me conspiratorially, "See, Mommy? I was going to say stupid but I didn't. Aren't you proud of me?" Hmmmm). Where was I? Oh yes, anyway, Donny got worse as the day went on instead of better. Which didn't seem like all that good of a sign to me. Some friends dropped by in the afternoon and one of them was warning Donny of the possible shaking and turbulence on the flight. At the words "shaking" and "turbulence," Donny (sort of) politely excused himself from the table and sprinted to the bathroom. By Saturday night, he was back in his favorite retching spot - the couch. (You could almost hear it groaning, "Not again!) It was very clear to all of us that he wasn't going to be getting on this flight.
Now, let me go on record here: Of COURSE our priority is for Donny to get well and we are all VERY SAD for him and wish him a SPEEDY RECOVERY. Do you see that our priorities are in the right place? Good. Now we can take a small moment to mourn about our STUFF! That's right, the stuff that I had been ordering for a month and having shipped to the Bielers, where Donny was going to be next Shabbos. Clothes for Yaakov, a Leapster for Ariella ("What do you mean, Daddy's not going? WHAT ABOUT MY LEAPSTER?????), and some books for me. Oh! My books! [Read that with a small catch in your voice.]
So now, Ahava, you will understand that I will not be blogging about what Donny should bring us back from [sniff sniff] Target. And Leezy, I will address your concern for Donny's work shirts next time. For now, though, a moment of respectful silence. Mostly for Donny. But a little bit for my stuff.


Laurie said...

I can't believe that Donny was supposed to be here and you didn't tell me!!!! How about you come instead and rescue your stuff?

Leezy said...

Refuah Shelama!