Thursday, February 26, 2009


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Welcome to Diane, LR #11! Glad to have you on board as we continue our way through the double digits!

We will begin with a writing sample. Ariella and I have been making our way through the BOB Books. I write them like this - BOB - because that's what they are called. Not Bob Books - BOB Books. Anyway, (question: do you think I overuse "anyway?" Discuss.) these are English books which are geared toward beginning readers. There are five sets, with each set getting progressively harder. We're not talking about the most scintillating plot lines, you understand (Ten men walked. They walked in the sun. The sun was hot. "The sun is hot," said the ten men.) but the skills are introduced in a very slow and structured way and then built upon. Plus, because they are so short, it's easy to read "whole thing!" On Thursday, we read a book about a wishing well. ("Do they have those in Israel?" Ariella asked excitedly.) For her "assignment," I instructed her to write what she wished for. And what do you think she wished for? Moshiach, perhaps? World peace? An end to the water crisis? Nope - "I wish I cen hv sum candes." Simple, concise, direct. And, by Friday night, mostly likely Moshiach will not have come. We will not have found a permanent solution for world peace or the water crisis. However, Ariella will be clutching her bag of Shabbos candy. Fulfillment.

In other kiddie news....
Yaakov insists on a sippy cup of seltzer near his bed every night. On the rocks. When I offered him some seltzer for dinner one night, he looked at me reproachfully and said, "No, Mommy, seltzer is for bedtime." I am also not allowed to "top off." When I tried refilling the mostly full cup one night, Yaakov gasped. "Mommy! Not on top!" Oh no. There can be no seltzer shatnez. Each night the contents must be dumped and refreshed.

Purim is just about starting; Chanukah, the eight day holiday, lasts for two weeks. Purim, the one day holiday, lasts for about one week. My Fairy and my Pajama Soldier Boy are all ready, although I'm a little nervous that with all the pre-Purim activities, Ariella's costume is going to be in tatters by the time the actual holiday arrives. You know, that plasticky costume material that shreds and snags on your own hair as you're pulling it on? Ariella wishes to be "Beautiful Fairy With a Wand," but I may have to convince her to be "Cinderella at 12:01."

Back to the list of "happenings": There is a "happening" - that's Hebrew for "fun event" - on Thursday at the iriyah organized by the Misrad HaKlitah. Friday - a city-wide parade, ending at a park with yet another "happening." All of these "happenings," naturally, call for costumes. On Sunday, right before Purim, Yaakov is having his own "happening" at gan. And I'm sure, since schools are closed on Purim, that there will be a "happening" at Ariella's gan as well in order for the children to parade their costumes. So you see, with all these "happenings," it is necessary to start celebrating a week early. And to reinforce the costumes with duct tape. (It's "Fix-It Fairy," Ariella!)

But there is one person who will be happening-less next week: Donny, aka "Minister of Polls." He leaves for greener pastures in Redmond (aka "Seattle") on Saturday night, returning Sunday, erev erev Purim. The three remaining Roses have lots of fun things planned, "so we won't be sad," culminating in a Shabbos at the Balsams, where Yaakov will be reunited with his one true love, LISA.

Hmmmm....Yaakov gets to spend Shabbos with Lisa, Donny will be missing the hyper, sticky craziness of next week, and I have ELEVEN Loyal Readers...wish fulfillment all around.


momz42854 said...

I wnt cnde 2

Ahava said...

I thik u shul blog abt what Donny has to bring back from Target.

Leezy said...

If we are making requests for blog topics... there is one thing that i have been wondering about since you made aliyah - does Donny still wear the same business shirts and who washes and irons them? israeli dry cleaners?

Aliza said...

Ballerina Exercise Girl!!!!!