Thursday, February 18, 2010

In Which I Am Reprimanded

I have disappointed my reading public, namely Momz. Somehow we have arrived at Thursday, and I have not blogged since last Friday. [Eyes downcast shamefully.]

Tonight is Ariella's Mesibat See-DOOR, or SIDder party for you chutznikim. So I will surely have a great many things to say afterwards. In the meantime, here are some Weekly Highlights (minus Goofus and Gallant).

1. It has been disgustingly hot this week. I know many of my fellow Israelis are relishing this "summer during winter," and surely to those of you still digging yourselves out of the Great Double Blizzard of 2010 (Momz: "Phew, I finally found Dadz!" Dadz: "You know, if you lick snow off your coat, it tastes GREAT!") it probably sounds fabulous. But readers, I resent sweating in February. We have two seasons: Very Hot and Not as Hot. Because Very Hot is also Very Long, I want to enjoy my cold and rainy days. For more on our heat wave and how to dress appropriately, Israeli style, I invite you to read onetiredema's rant - I mean, analysis.

2. Yaakov went to a birthday party and stayed all by himself. This was a first. He wanted me to stay "the whole time," then said "okay half the time." We got there and the birthday boy grabbed the present out of Yaakov's hands before the door was even halfway open. There were little plates of healthy snacks set out for the kids - chips, those things that are like Bugles, Bamba. And plenty of nutritious drinks, such as soda. Yaakov ate for a few minutes, clinging to me the whole time. Then I laid it out for him - Ariella and I were going to leave, and he could either come with us or stay. Surprisingly, he said he wanted to stay. I explained to the mom that this was his first party, and she said she would take care of him. So we gave our usual goodbye hugs and kisses, and Ariella and I left. As I turned around I saw Yaakov happily eating chips and talking to a friend ("So, dude, I've got like, three tons of sand in my shoe. You?" "Totally." "Rock on.")

When I picked him up, he was covered in chocolate and face paint, and his eyes were glazed over. As in confectioner's sugar glaze. They had done some sort of project involving chocolate powder, and the floor was covered in flour, cocoa, and an unidentifiable crunchy substance. As we said our goodbyes and thank-yous and left, the mom handed us a goody cup and a piece of pizza. ("We lost track of time and forgot to serve the food," she apologized. You forgot to serve four year olds dinner?????)

But when faced with the prospect of the goody cup, Yaakov lost interest in the pizza. So his dinner was basically chips, two marshmallows, and a piece of chocoalte gelt. But, he did reach the major developmental milestone of Staying At Party Without Parent and Consuming Large Quantities of Partially-Hydrogenated Oils.

Well, Ariella's been dropped off at the mesibat siddur, where the excitement was reaching a fever pitch. Donny and I are heading out soon. Yaakov's stuck home with the babysitter. Which he is not happy about. Despite me promising him large quantities of partially-hydrogenated oils as a bribe. Oh well.


Risa said...

Mazel tov on Ariella's mesibat siddur! (One of my nephews is having his siddur party on Sunday on LI which I will miss!) Don't feel bad about an occasional hydrogenated-oil filled dinner for Yaakov. My big munchkin already raids our panty (and his Saba and Savta's pantry as well) and goes for the chips, newtons and cookies and rarely eats veggies. (If he eats a snack to close to dinner-time, forget about a balanced meal!)I was so happy when he ate his chicken nicely on Shabbos and then, again, for leftoevers, on Sunday. My siblings and I were never picky eaters growing up, so I'll give you three guesses where his pickiness is from!

Risa said...

I am sooo embarrassed- Gila- I meant Pantry (as evidenced by the use of the correct word the second time)! Ok- don't know where my head is, but it'll give your blog readers something to laugh about unless you can kindly delete it! (I didn't know how to delete my comment.)


Ya know, whatever it takes to get another blog out of you, I'll do it. Hey, it worked, didn't it?

LeahGG said...

Risa - I like it better the way it is :)

And actually, I do see how it happens. you get so involved in keeping the kids happy and active that you lose track of the time and don't exactly forget dinner, but an activity runs over and dinner ends up being half an hour later than planned which is already the end of the party.

I can't seem to manage a steady dinner-time or menu in my house, something that drives my husband crazy.

Cheryl said...

You haven't quite lost me yet, Gila! On my quiet Sat. night, I took the time to catch up on that I've missed in the last week! All I can say is I wish my week was as exciting as yours :o\
Shavua tov!