Sunday, July 11, 2010

Of Shells and Sand

The Roses Go To the Beach

[At Rishon L'Zion; after a failed attempt to disembark at Palmachim, where it became apparent that it was a BYOU beach, and we do not own a U.]

Ariella: Shells, shells, shells, gotta get shells, put 'em in my bucket, go get some water, now gotta make a tunnel, more shells, gotta get more shells, dig dig, pour pour, run run.

Yaakov: Shells, shells, shells, gotta get shells, dig a hole, get some water, get more shells, got lot of shells, wash 'em off, get more shells, dig dig, pour pour, run run.

Nadav: Where the frick is my mobile???

(Clearly, the outing was a success.)


Arica said...

That is an awesome picture!

SaraK said...

Awesome and so precious.

Isobel Phillips said...

Someone (me apparently) has to ask the dumb questions. It's my reason for living. What's a U? Obviously I don't have one either!


Isobel, I know, i know call on me! It's an umbrella! (right, gils? - please tell me it isn't underwear) Gila, also, you didn't tell us what tune we should sing the verses to. please let us know.

Kathleen said...

I was guessing umbrella too. Kids asleep in car on way home definitely = success! Loved the picture!

OneTiredEma said...

Oooh, but sleeping kids in the car means they did not go to sleep at 7:30. Glad it was fun though.

Any medusot? I'd been staying have to until next wk anyway.

Shira said...

That is an AMAZING picture!!! (Hope Nadav found his missing mobile- are we talking crib mobile, or pele-phone?)

Gila Rose said...

Yes, U=umbrella. Rishon has chairs and umbrellas to rent. Apparently it is not thus at all of the beaches. Which we found out only after we had schlepped all of our stuff, including a baby, to the sands.

There were some jellyfish, but only further out. And they were still asleep early, fret not. (the kids, not the jellyfish.)