Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekly Highlights

Wrapping Up The Week (With Lots and Lots of Saran)

1. We're finished with the dentist! (For now.)
On Sunday, Yaakov had his penultimate dental appointment. (For those vocabulary-challenged readers, "penultimate" means "painful.") After he freaked out at his last appointment, about 2 months ago, the dentist suggested we take a break and come back in July for the final 2 cavities. I made an early-morning appointment and Donny took him. The appointment was at 8:00. At 8:20 I get a phone call. Uh-oh. It appeared that the dentist - get this - anesthesized the wrong part of his mouth! Haha! Isn't that funny? She put the very long, sharp needle into the bottom of the poor boy's mouth, rather than the top. And this is because - get this - she forgot to write down what she had already done at the previous appointment! Haha! This just gets funnier and funnier!

To make it all even better, she had to re-X-ray him when she realized what she was seeing didn't match what she needed to do. Finally, she tried to convince Donny - get this - that he should just take Yaakov and leave, and come back another day! Haha! (Donny's assessment was that she was falling behind, time-wise, and therefore tried to kick him out.) Donny refused, and insisted she re-anesthesize and fill those cavities because we were NOT coming back. Luckily, she did, and through much crying (Yaakov's, and mine, vicariously), managed to fill the last two cavities. She said we did not have to come back because she filled both, so, thankfully, this became our "ultimate" appointment. (You know, people don't really say that, do they?)

Anyway, we decided that Yaakov deserved a day off, and he proceeded to plop himself down in front of the DVD player for about 6 hours straight, watching all of the new Disney DVDs that arrived from Momz and Dadz via Sabba and Sarah.

2. What did you say? That's right, you heard me correctly! Sabba and Sarah have returned! They are here for a month, renting their own little tzimmer in Jerusalem. They have many grand plans for their visit. Which include exciting things like.....um.....well, they did go to the beach and sit for a while. You know, you can bring the old folks to Israel, but you can't make them hike.

3. How in the world is it that I have 6, that's right, SIX rolls of saran wrap, and not a single roll of aluminum foil??????

4. Don't you love random camp projects? Every day, in addition to approximately, let's see...one...two...three....five MILLION drawings and fortune tellers (remember those??? But I'm not sure if it's Ariella or Israelis in general, because her "fortunes" consist of things like, "You are my cousin.") What was I saying? Yes, art projects. So in addition to the paper, she comes home with things like Mr. Balloon Person - an un-inflated balloon, filled with flour, with a little face drawn on and string for hair, or The Bird - little foam balls with feathers glued on, or Buddy the Bud Vase (that one's self-explanatory). And each one is very important, and we must keep them in a special place forever and ever and ever.

I miss camp.


SaraK said...

BYC has gotten so much more advanced... :)
[You did go there, right?]

OneTiredEma said...

I read your link to last year's beach adventure...and really, it took you 10 months to go? Embarrassing! ;)

Kathleen said...

What an experience at the dentist! Poor Yaakov!
Sounds like you can cross Saran Wrap off your list for awhile. I wonder how long six rolls would last?
My girls have had many important, must display in a special place type projects.

trn said...

"You are my cousin."

Oh I like this!

Gila Rose said...

The question is always where to KEEP the gorgeous camp creations. Our "candlestick table" runneth over.

dina said...

that sounds like a bit of a nightmare visit to the dentist - it is good you stood your ground, rather than having to go there again!

Yael said...

you just convinced me to make appointments with the expensive private dentist.