Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Crazy Baby Turns One

We're on the birthday train, here in the Rose household. This week's stop: Nadav, who turned one year on Tuesday. Yes, he's gone from being this tiny little baby who used a diaper and couldn't walk or a much larger baby who uses a diaper and can't quite walk or talk. But now he eats Bamba.


We love you, Nadav! And in honor of your first birthday, we present to you...

The Cat Crazy Baby in the Hat Apartment

Nadav just turned one
He's full of good fun
And we wanted to show him
Our love, with a poem

Our Crazy Baby is full of good tricks.
A lot of good tricks.
He can show them to you.
Your mother will not mind if you watch one or two....

And so....
So so so....
We will tell you all of the tricks that he knows....

He can toss up a ball
Then it lands on his head
He throws food off his tray
Tries to crawl off the bed
With joyful abandon he flings all his toys
On the mirpeset he watches
All the traffic-y noise
He's drawn to the "NO!" toys like a dog to a bone
And none more exciting than Mommy's cell phone
He stands up by himself
And claps his hands with a smile
Till he falls on his tush
And zooms to a pile
Of papers and magazines that someone left out
He will crumple or eat them, of this have no doubt
When there's food on his hands
He wipes it right in his hair
He gets where he needs to
By zooming around with a chair
The bathroom door's opened!
The toilet does beckon!
We stop him from climbing in
At the very last second. (Again)
The Q-tips, he deems, belong in the bath
And pencils are chewed
Not used to do math
He shrieks with delight when he finds something funny
He doesn't even mind
If it's corny or punny
He sucks on his fingers when he needs to think
Or if he's tired or sad
Or needs a stiff drink
So, sweet Nadavoosh, Crazy Baby of ours
With your blocks and your balls
And your super fast cars
We wish you joy and laughter and Bamba a-plenty
Happy Birthday, dear Nadav,
Till one hundred and twenty


Eliana and Michael said...

Dr. Seuss would be proud. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...


Mrs. S. said...

!יום הולדת שמח

SaraK said...

Hilarious. Happy Birthday, Nadav!

OneTiredEma said...


Risa said...

I "heart" this post. Happy Birthday, Nadav.

mother in israel said...

Awwww, mazal tov!!

Gila Rose said...

Thanks, you guys!

Laurie said...

Happy birthday Nadav! Josh's is this Tuesday. We'll eat an extra piece of cake in his honor!

Shira said...

Love it!!!! Absolutely brilliant! And HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY (where did the past year even go??) NADAV!!!

Kathleen said...

Loved your poem! Happy Birthday Nadav!

Baila said...

Happy birthday. Still waiting for him to write a post. I'm sure he could tell us lots of stuff you, uhm, choose to edit.