Thursday, May 5, 2011

We're Back!

I apologize for the dearth of posts recently. Donny's crazy in-laws were here, and you know how high-maintenance they are.

JUST KIDDING! I mean, Donny's crazy in-laws were here, but we loved having them and they really aren't high-maintenance at all. Just give Momz an Internet connection and Dadz a bed and they are very happy.

(A warning though - if you give a Dadz an internet connection, you'll have to give him a mouse, and if you give him a mouse, he'll need a pad to slide it on, and if you give him a pad to slide it on, it'll remind him of a coaster, so he'll need his cup of coffee, and when he drinks his coffee, he'll want something to go with it, like a rugelach, so he'll go out to the bakery, and when he goes out to the bakery, he'll suddenly remember that it's time for shul again, so he'll try to walk to shul, and when he walks to shul he wanders in circles for hours and gets very lost, then, because of all the wandering, he's tired. So he'll need a bed. Which is why it's easier to just start with the bed.)

Anyway, we got an extra week post-Pesach with Momz and Dadz aka Bubby and Zaidy which was super fun, especially the parts where we ate out. And especially the part where they stayed home with Yaakov and Nadav during Crazy Tuesday Chug Day so I was able to run out and get Ariella all by myself.

Also, I am happy to report that Nadav became best buds with Bubby and Zaidy and enjoyed many games of Tissue Shredding and Traffic Staring. He was sad to see them go.

In other news, things have been busy around here.

Ariella the Torah Scholar

We celebrated Ariella's siyum on Thursday night after Pesach. Ariella, as a proud member of the Coalition of Independent Brainiacs, decided to read through all the chumash (the first Five Books.) She would just sit there and read.

She finished a while ago but wanted to wait for Bubby and Zaidy's arrival to make her siyum. So we had a lovely siyum, complete with a Mishkan cake (since that was her favorite part. Mishkan, not cake.) And here I will give a shout-out to my talented cake-decorating friend, Chanina, who is also a fellow former Baltimorean, and if anyone needs cakes in the shape of a mishkan or anything else, sacrilegious or not, give her a call.

Interesting note: There was an amazing thunder and lightning storm last Thursday night. Do you think it's related to the fact that it coincided with us biting into the ohel moed?

Ariella Gets a Crash Course in the Holocaust

We were driving to Bet Shemesh (something about route 38 brings out the philosophical side in Ariella) on Yom Hashoah, and she started asking me lots of questions about it. We discussed:

Countries affected/not affected by the Shoah
Who started it
Difference between labor camps and extermination camps
How the Jews were killed
How they got to the concentration camps
Chasidei umot ha'olam (righteous gentiles - she learned about that in school)
Anne Frankel (aka Anne Frank)
How does a bullet kill someone
The ghettos
If Jews got food in the concentration camps
Which side won
How one side wins a war

For thirty minutes straight. And then thirty minutes on the way back. It was intense.

Yaakov piped up at one point:

"Mommy, I saw TWO cement twucks! And they waw mixing!" You can always count on Yaakov to keep it real.

Yaakov Turns Five - AGAIN!

Preparations continue for Yaakov's massive invite-all-the-gan birthday party, which is tonight, God willing. Of course, if God should will that the two hours between five and seven just disappear, I would be okay with that.


Commenter Abbi said...

Oh, that Give a Mouse a Cookie riff was priceless. I agree, beds for Dads generally work the best.

After 10 year here and 3 kids, I still cannot face a Fully Monty gan birthday party. Call me chicken, or a bad mom, just canna do it. Best of luck regaining your sanity and your household order. Shouldn't you have done this before your parents left?

OneTiredEma said...

O ho! You and your hot dogs and cake had BETTER be there. How else am I supposed to feed my child tonight? I hope you don't suggest that I feed him dinner or something. That is YOUR job tonight.

Heh heh.

I mean "Whoa! Props to you! It will be great! Have fun! Etc!"

Gila Rose said...

Well, the one bright spot is that we don't have to get our house in order, either before or after the party. We're using the "Dimri Party Room" in the lobby, which is, ahem, FREE for residents.

Good to know my exorbitant va'ad habayit is worth something.

Tired, we will be there, and I appreciate your snarky support.

Commenter Abbi said...

Gila, to return the snark,I think you should make a real israeli gan party and send her kids home with stomachs full of bamba, bissli, candy and cake at 7:30 pm.

OneTiredEma said...

Abbi, if she is willing to take Miss M too (who wants to go to the party to, ahem, "keep Ariella company"), she can feed them WHATEVER SHE WANTS because I will be taking a bubble bath, eating takeout food, and watching TV ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Arica said...

I heart the "if you give a mouse a cookie" tale. Made me happy.

Mazel tov on the siyum-what a little genius you have on your hands!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out, and we were so happy to help Nadav watch Sderot Chashmonaim for minutes on end until he realized you were not in his line of vision and started to make pitiful cries.

And thanks for the wonderful hospitality, especially that last day when I thought I'd read for a bit and stretch out in my bed only to discover that my bed had disappeared - apparently on MomzDadz' last day of vacation SOMEONE was a bit anxious to get her life and home back in order and took all of 2.5 seconds to strip the guest beds, gleefully flinging the sheets and blankets on the floor in a mad "finally they're leaving" fit and then looking sheepish when I inquired as to the state of the guest room / Nadav's room.

It's OK, because THIS IS THE LAST visit - next time we come to OUR apartment and invite YOU.....yay!

Baila said...

1. Also appreciated the Give a Mouse a Cookie thing
2. Hot dogs and cake? Can my teenage girls attend?
3. Impressed with your daughter finishing the Torah. A few years ago I decided I was going to read through the entire Parsha every week. But couldn't get pat vayikra.
4. Chanina does rock. (Does EVERYONE in Baltimore know each other?
5. How's the speech therapy going? :-)

SaraK said...

Yay for Chanina's cake! and Mazal Tov on Ariella's siyum. I'm blown away.

Gila Rose said...

Baila - that reminds me, must update readers re the speech situation. A typical Israeli story.

Kathleen said...

I agree, loved the Give the Mouse a Cookie bit!
Mazel tov on Ariella's siyum!
and wow those were a lot of questions!

Isobel Phillips said...

What, I was the ONLY one who noticed the high point of this post (or should that be highlight? What's the difference anyway?)

The use of "dearth" in the very first sentence!! Kol hakovod!!