Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'd Rather Starve

It is Vacation Week for the Roses. I was sitting on the beach today, while everyone was occupied (a miracle, to be sure), and my mind started wandering. Sometimes this is a problem. "Mind, get back here! Right now!" I have been known to shout. But today it was okay. So I let it out for a little stroll. And this is what it came up with.

Food. What food do I find so disgusting that I would only eat it if it were the very last thing on earth? There were two rules for this game:

1. It had to be something I've eaten in the past; sweet and sour snake might be gross, but maybe it's delicious and exquisite. I wouldn't know; I've never tried.

2. It could not be some gross concoction of foods I've eaten. No "marshmallow and flounder topped pizza."

I came up with 2 answers, both rather simple:

1. PB&J sandwich. Love PB, love J, hate 'em together. Sickening.
2. Cream cheese sandwich. Cream cheese on a bagel with lox and tomato? Delicious. On plain bread - white bread is the worst, for some reason? Gag. Shudder. Shudder and gag.

Donny's answer:
Pizza topped with pineapple and barbeque sauce. And yes, he actually ate that once.

Ariella's answer:
Garlic, cooked carrots, sushi and shwarma. A weird combination, but those are her Least Favorite Things. (She actually spent the rest of the day discussing and analyzing this question. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has met her.)

Yaakov and Nadav did not play, but Yaakov's answer would probably be Something that Yesterday I Found Extremely Delicious But Now that You Went Out and Bought Ten, I Hate Them.

Nadav's answer would most likely be "Shabbat food," since for some reason the meals I put the most effort into are the ones that usually end up spewed and thrown all over my floor.

Loyal Readers, your opinions, please?


miriamp said...

I would have said Herring if it weren't for the requirement that I've actually tried it at least once, so I'm going to have to agree with you about the pb&j. And cream cheese in *any* form. Yuck. I don't even really like cream cheese icing on carrot cake. Oh, jarred gefilte fish.

Anonymous said...

cottage cheese. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

Something that Yesterday I Found Extremely Delicious But Now that You Went Out and Bought Ten, I Hate Them

Bwahahaha! Or "Something I Ate at Every Gan Birthday Party But I'll Never Eat in YOUR House. Sucker."

(And I almost just commented as you. But I was me. ha! I'z in ur 'puter! --K)

MomzWifeofDADZ said...

Tongue. definitely tongue.

Kathleen said...

The things that come instantly to mind are things I have not ever tried so I asked my kids:
9yo- "peas- they make me gag!"
7yo-"there's nothing I don't like" me- what about all the things you won't eat then?
7yo- "oh, yeah...lasagna"
4yo- "I don't like yucky food. I only like good food" Ok then...

I have tried tongue and I would agree with Momz.

mother in israel said...

Just think what you could come up with if your kids were occupied more often.
Tongue is the BEST, Momz.

Baila said...

Olives. Shudddderr. I hate that at sabaros the make half olive and half plain pizzas. The olive smell and flavor permeates the entire rendering it unedible.