Monday, August 22, 2011

Questions to Ponder

Well, our Northern Vacation is going swimmingly.

I am preparing an in-depth post on Doing the North, Rose Style. You see, since I have taken a vacation in the north, I am now authorized to be an Expert on taking vacations in the north. In the same way I am an expert on children because I have them. In fact, I have one of each - a Girl, a Boy and a Baby.

For example, in my upcoming Vacation treatise, I will make blanket statements based on personal experiences. "The Western Galilee is much less trafficked than the Kinneret area during the summer months" is a statement you might see.

For now, I will share with you a Question which came up during one of our "long" car rides. (Living in Israel has warped the children's sense of a "long" time to be in the car. We used to make frequent 4-hour trips between New York and Baltimore. Now, if we're in the car for longer than it takes to get to Rami Levi, we have "Are we there yet?"s every ten minutes for the next hour.)

In any case, here is the question:

"Can a bee sting a mosquito?"



OneTiredEma said...

I am going to say no, because the mosquito would definitely notice and would not stay still in order to be stung.

Gila Rose said...

That was our answer too. Yaakov had a very long-winded explanation that ended with "right Daddy?" to which we reply "right Daddy."

Kathleen said...

My guess would be no for the same reason. Enjoy your vacation and looking forward to your post on vacationing in the north from an expert :)

Baila said...

No but a mosquito can definitelt bite a bee. Haven' t you ever seen a bee furiously scratching itself?

Anonymous said...

I'd think the bee would look for victims with more surface area than a mosquito has. Like, "Ooh, look at that lady's fat arm! Plenty of room for me, even if I don't fly straight!"