Monday, August 1, 2011

My August is Longer than Your August

So kaytanah just zipped right on by, and now it's Camp Mommy. Actually, kaytanah ended on the 26th. I thought to myself, "Kids are in camp for July, then they are home in August," so technically, my August started on July 27th. And let me tell you, it's been a looooong month. We are going away to the north with the rest of Israel after Tisha B'Av, so I just gotta make it till the 15th. (Of course, after vacation, there's almost a full week at home before school starts. But shhh....we're not going to talk about that.)

I thought I was being so smart by buying lots of art projects and workbooks ahead of time. Plus, you know, going to the pool. Unfortunately, the 9 days had the nerve to fall right during the weeks my kids are at home with nothing to do. Damn you, leap year! (Although it was nice that Pesach was after tax season, so Momz and DADZ could come, so, yay, leap year!)

Let's check in on all of my Grand August Plans, now that we're one week in:

"Ariella will love her workbooks!" - Ariella does love her workbooks. So much so that she finishes about one a day. Don't know that Israeli workbook production can keep up the pace.

"The kids will spend all afternoon doing art projects!" - The kids spend about twenty minutes doing an art project. (And that's average - about 30 minutes for Ariella, 10 for Yaakov.)

"I'll bake with them!" - We did make sugar cookies, and the kids did all the rolling and decorating. Time: Half hour (although I was sweeping up little sprinkles for days.)

"I'll make a schedule for them! With planned and organized activities every half hour!" - Ariella's response: "Can I do a workbook instead?" Yaakov's response: [stares mutely at me, sucking his thumb]

"I'll have a chance to work when Nadav naps and the kids are playing quietly!" - There's a reason "Bring Your Kids to Work" day is only once a year.

But it's also given us a chance to bond, and chat, and discuss burning questions. For example, when Yaakov, out of the blue, asked how babies come out, and I told him, and Ariella exclaimed, horrified, "But that's really small!" (Don't worry, two seconds later they were on to something else, probably chasing Nadav as he attempted to eat some paint.)

Or today, when Ariella pontificated about the 9 days:

"I think it should go like this:
First day - no meat for breakfast.
Second day - no meat for breakfast or lunch.
Third day - no meat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Fourth day - all of the above, plus no laundry.
Fifth day - all of the above, plus no weddings or birthday parties.
Sixth day - all of the above, plus no swimming.
Seventh and eight day - all of the above, plus no wine.
Except if one of those days is Shabbat.
Then Tisha B'Av!"

The Ease-Into-It Plan. Awesome. I can't wait till she starts paskening.


Yosefa said...

How old is Ariella? My 6.5 year old got very interested in how our baby will come out. I told her Hashem made a special hole that opens when the baby is ready to come out. I also was planning a schedule for my daughter when she was home recovering from her tonsillectomy and for the kids this summer. B"H our upstairs neighbor is running a kaytana for 15 NIS a day where the kids do all the art projects and baking AND come home well behaved! But it's only this week. AND now my daughter is having nightmares and worried about jail, and all I want to say is, oh, Jail sounds nice, kosher food, TV, no responsibilities...

Anonymous said...

You failed to mention Blue Blanket in your description of Yaakov. I sincerely hope BB is ok.

Gila Rose said...

Yosefa - she's 8. And I will gladly join you in jail. What should we do? Rob a bank? Jaywalk?

Risa said...

Kudos to you in your efforts to entertain the kids. I like Ariella's ease-in-to-it plan for the 9 days. If she would write a sefer she could call it: Shoshanat Ariella. (I know, bad joke, but I couldn't resist.)

OneTiredEma said...

You serve meat for breakfast? Did you move to the tachana merkazit?

faith/emuna said...

thanks gila!
ariella can marry a sfardi and then the 9 days are more similiar to her vision.
if yaacov is not running around singing 'morale' from kaytana (can someone explain the coca cola can song?) then you are ahead of me.
if the jail is well air conditined im in. maybe we can remove the tags on mattresses or something.