Monday, September 26, 2011

In Which the Children Rally and Ask Questions

(I know, I know, a post two days in a row, what can I say, I have a lot on my mind. Need to clear space for other things, like remembering why I'm standing in front of an open freezer with a vegetable knife. Blog = Pensieve for muggles.)

If my children ran the world...

Well, HOP would run 24/7 and there would be an endless supply of Minheret Hazman books and no one would get anything more or less than anyone else, but also....

I took the kids to the rally last night in Bet Shemesh. (Donny valiantly tried to join us, but the traffic was too much even for him.) For those of you not in the know, you can read about it here, and a little background here, 'cuz I'm too lazy to summarize.

The unfortunate situation naturally elicited many questions and comments from my children. Ariella was in the know already, having made a card for the girls of Orot a few weeks ago.

A round-up of their comments/questions:

"They are going against their own dat (religion) by being mean to other people." (Ariella)

"Don't they know מה ששנאו עליך אל תעשה לחבריך?" (Yaakov. What you don't like, don't do to other people. Normally Yaakov understands this to mean if Ariella hits him, he can hit her back, but I think last night he understood its deeper meaning.)

"The mishtarah (police) should just put the chareidim in the keleh (jail)." (Yaakov, like you didn't know that already.)

"But the girls are dressed tzniut!" (Ariella)

"The girls should wear long sleeves. This way, bees won't sting them." (Take a wild guess.)

"Can I play Angwy Bawds?" (Yaakov's all for justice - trust me - but the excitement of the rally didn't last long.)

"Where did they get the poop from?" (Ariella, after it was suggested we move to a different part of the street, because the sidewalk had been (deliberately) covered in excrement. "Maybe from the dogs," I said vaguely, because any other option was too disgusting to contemplate.)

So it really is a shame that Ariella and Yaakov aren't in charge of the situation. Ariella would simply explain they are going against Torah, Yaakov would throw them all in jail, and no one would get stung by a bee.

Anyway, I think it was a positive thing that we went and brought the kiddies. Also, the headline today in the Jerusalem Post stating that "1500 people showed up for the rally" sounded so much better than if it were, "1,496 people showed up for the rally."


Bethami said...

who did ariella write a card for? i was thinking of trying to organize something like that but a) have not yet figured out how to explain this to eden. (what did you tell ariella?) b) thought that perhaps the schools and teachers might be too absorbed in their own issues to care much.

Gila Rose said...

Bethami - she just wrote one and I emailed it to my brother-in-law who lives there, hoping he would know someone to pass it along to. Nothing to do with her school or anything.