Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Overheard at the Roses....

"Stop hitting your brother on the head!"
Which wouldn't be so remarkable, except it's directed at the 16-month-old.

"Don't drink tushy water!"
Because really, what is bathwater, anyway?

"Stop reading!"
If Ariella was a Looney Toon, she would be reading her book and walk right off the cliff, plummet 1,000 feet, be momentarily covered in a dirt cloud, then dust herself off and continue walking. Without ever taking her eyes off her book.


"Mommy! The kvutzot are in this book!"
At Yaakov's gan, the children are divided into groups. Each group has the name of one of the Hebrew vowels. Yaakov was amazed to discover all of the groups congregated together in one of Ariella's books.

[7 a.m.] "What's for dinner?" Answer is followed by: "Oh."

"Brother Car!"
Yaakov and I enjoy finding other Mitsubishi Grandises (Granden?) on the road and shouting this aloud in exictement. Also: "Twin Brother Car!" when the fellow Grandis is also white.

Loyal Readers, what are YOUR soundbytes?


Baila said...

",I walked him yesterday"

"That's my skirt you have on...MOMMY!"

Kathleen said...

"Can I have ice cream for breakfast?"

"I don't know what to wear..."

"Only bad guys get time outs" along the same lines "no is only for bad guys"

"Can the cricket be my pet?"

Risa said...

"Hey, that's my old shirt/pants/pajamas Elan's wearing."

Anonymous said...

Hey, us Old People have some too:

1. "Where did I put the....."
2. "I saw whatshisname the other day."
3. "Listen to what [fill in name of grandchild] said today."
4. "God, are we old or what."

Donny said...


Gila Rose said...

Excellent comments, O Loyal Readers!

But Donny that's "Addy??" not "Adey." Sheesh. Learn to spell toddlerspeak.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thought you might appreciate this new maccabeats video for Rosh Hashana!