Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ramblings...You Know You Wanted Some!

1. I started a post called "The Lazy Mom's Guide to Parenting," but then realized it was really just another name for "Leave Me Alone So I Can Read the Paper."

2. This week was our 3rd aliyahversary (well, everyone except Nadav's). That's right, 3 years ago this week we landed in Israel, with bad Hebrew and crying children. And now, 3 years later... well, we've drunk a lot more shoko.

Just kidding of course! We had a baby, bought an apartment, shipped an oven! Our Hebrew has improved, the children's English has de-proved, and the children don't cry all the time. They also fight and call each other names.

3. Speaking of which, yet another day has ended with me hauling off my prize fighters to their respective corners, while they mutter "Stupid Awiella" and "All I was doing was...." And then fervently hoping they do something really amazing with their lives, like find a cure for lice or invent a broom that sweeps rice and pasta off the floor without turning it into little gray dust mites. And then I will look back on this time and laugh. Ha. Ha. Ha.

4. Nadav demonstrated today what happens when you stick your fingers in your sandwich to scoop out the cream cheese, then wipe those same fingers in sand and smush it all in your hair.

5. Heblish is not all bad. Yes, it makes for some funny-sounding children:

Who will save on us when you go out?
Before two weeks...
OR red OR blue
How is he called?
You by yourself don't even know!
Mommy's Matan (my personal favorite)

But sometimes, it makes the children sound downright intelligent:

For what is this present?
To where are we going?
Everyone who wants should raise his (not "their") hand!

6. Well, that's all for now. Wishing everyone a good ToTh Festival.


Commenter Abbi said...

Aww, "save on us" was a favorite bitui in our house last year.

Baila said...

Tali loves saving on them.

Gila Rose said...

LOL Baila. Yes, the answer to "who will save on us?" is usually illcalltali.

Risa said...

Great post as usual! Elan does the same thing with his cream cheese sandwiches. I am curious where you find cream cheese in Israel-thought all you could get is "g'vina levana" or whatever you call it.

Cakes for KBY said...

Gila- you always crack me up!
I was told yesterday by my son's gannenet that he actually translates from English, so he'll say things like "lakachat miklachat," or will translate with incorrect syntax. So, even though he was born here, he still thinks in English (I guess)- it works both ways! (And I think I do that too.....;)
What is Mommy's Matan?

Kathleen said...

I was wondering what a Mommy's Matan was too LOL

Gila Rose said...

Glad you asked. I believe it comes from "Ima shel Matan," where the "Mommy" is before the "Matan." Therefore it gets translated at Mommy's Matan. There was also Sabba's Adar once.

Kara said...

Gila! You are one of my favorite all time bloggers! You crack me up without fail every single time :) I think it, and viola--there it is on your blog! thanks for keeping me laughing :)

Mrs. S. said...

Hey, did someone say "Heblish"? :-)

BTW, for the record, save on is one of the most popular Heblishisms on the market today...