Monday, October 31, 2011

Calling the Teacher: Resolution

Well, I had already packed up my tent and signs and was heading out to protest in front of the teacher's house, when Ariella came home with some good news: She is going to be in the advanced math class!

[Applause pause]

When I ran into the teacher (totally by accident, I swear, and no one got hurt)yesterday, she told me she was finalizing the details of the advanced chug and would be in touch with me. Today, Ariella showed me the note explaining all the details of the chug, including the books I need to buy (naturally) (and before Wednesday.) Basically, this group of 4 kids gets five hours of advanced math per week: they join the 4th grade math class for 3 periods, there is one period of enrichment just for them, and then one hour when they are in their regular math class but doing the fourth grade work.

The teacher told Ariella that in the meantime, she should work on finishing this year's math book. She also told her that they would evaluate and see if she can keep up with the workload. Considering that Ariella came home and has been sitting at the table for 3 hours speeding through the pages, I'm not so worried.

Obviously, we're rull happee that she so smarty.

But what I'm even super-prouder about is how Ariella made this happen for herself. She discussed with me that she noticed kids doing different math work and she wanted to be in that group, she approached the teacher on her own, and only when the initial response was no did I need to step in and give a little kick in the denim skirt.

So though it has been a while since I've awarded kappayim and poofahs, I would like to give both to my very smart, independent, fearless, go-getter daughter, Ariella.


Commenter Abbi said...

She will have absolutely no problem elbowing her way in Israeli society!

I expect her to get into a very elite intelligence unit in the army ( not kidding, don't discount it for her even if the vogue among her friends is to do sherut leumi. It sounds like she could pass most of the tests even now.)

kudos! Nice to see this happy news.

Anonymous said...

"...Even as a child Prime Minister Rose [note - she'll keep her cool maiden name after she's married to the president of Microsoft israel] fought for her rights....."

SaraK said...

Awesome story, and I especially like Momz's future article.

Gila Rose said...

She couldn't sleep last night, what with all the excitement. Chug started today.

And SaraK, I am glad Glee is back, because otherwise I would have had to include an elaborate song and dance routine, complete with costume, for my next post.