Saturday, October 29, 2011

Calling the Teacher: An Update

Thanks to all of our concerned Loyal Readers who are anxiously awaiting the result of my phone call.

I called twice, at the very teacher-appropriate hour of 9:30ish. The phone rang, and then made weird fax noises. I called again, a few minutes later. Same result. Momz suggested perhaps the teacher didn't want to talk to me and made the weird fax noises herself. If so, she should totally get a starring role in the revival of Police Academy.

So I sat down to write an email. Yes, the same email I could have written at 8:30 when my mind was much less foggy, and the words I needed could have floated right to the top rather than sinking into the quicksand of my tired brain.

Anyway, I heard nothing on Thursday, but on Friday Ariella returned from school with a note in her planner from the teacher. Basically: I read your email, I'll look into it and get back to you.

So, success? Unclear. But rest assured, Loyal Readers, I will continue to keep you updated on the saga of Ariella Rose and the Advanced Math Class.


SaraK said...

I'm waiting for the next episode with bated breath. Glee is on hiatus for the World Series, you know.

Katie said...

I hope her next reply includes an explanation for why she sent a note via a third party in reply to an email.

Commenter Abbi said...

Seriously, she can't reply to an email? These technophobe teachers drive me crazy. Email is your friend! No need to be alarmed by the scary machines!

I hope it works out for you. It would be quite silly if it doesn't.

Baila said...

My dear you need to hound this teacher. Call her again. What the hell is she looking into anyway? I've also done the waiting thing, weeks just get away from you and before you know it you're to high from sufganiyot to get anything done and half the year has gone by. Call her and don't wait til 9 30.

Eliana and Michael said...

OK this might be naive, since I live in the US and don't actually know you or your schedule (though from reading the blog you begin to feel a certain familiarity--there is probably some new word). Back to the point though, is meeting the teacher face to face an option? Say after school at pick-up?

kathleen said...

It certainly does seem like it would've been easier just to reply to your email!