Monday, January 23, 2012

We Check in With DADZ

Shhh.... DADZ is napping.

It's been a busy couple of weeks for our favorite caps lock devotee. But DADZ has made some great Israeli strides since arriving:

1. He has a coffee name. We rejected "Ziv," Donny's alias, because DADZ pronounces it with a short "i" instead of a long "e." "Noam" was also rejected, because DADZ is not seven and the Baltimore "o" was killing it. We've decided on "Avi." An easy two syllables, no "r" or "o" in sight, just trips off the tongue.

2. He can get to and from the bank. This is due to the number of trips he and Momz have had to make to the bank, which you can read all about here. But still. It has helped his Modiin geographical skills greatly.

3. He has made friends with Nadav. M&D's room is the room formerly known as Nadav's room (Nadav is currently bunking with his sibs; it's just a regular snore-fest in there). On the 'rents' first night here, DADZ was lying down (naturally) on his bed. Nadav wandered into his room, saw his crib had been removed and there was a scary man sleeping in the bed. He ran out, shrieking, as fast as his wobbly body (Nadav, not Zaidy) would let him. However, since that moment, he has cautiously made friends with Zaidy. He realized Zaidy is excellent at some of his favorite games, like Climb on Couch, Hide Small Objects in Couch, Hand Things to Someone and Then They Hand Them Back, and Place Large Popcorn Bucket on Head. He even lets Zaidy hold him. Progress.

4. He bought Israeli clothing staples, including jeans, a fleece (both hooded and non-hooded) and Crocs.

5. He has learned to print things all by himself. DADZ is to technology what a one-armed gecko is to ballet dancing. Not a natural. But he has learned all about printing, tabs ("Now I can check my email AND look up something online at the same time!"), minimizing and even touch pads. He's getting closer. More like a two-armed gecko.

Things still to work on:

Must wean himself off his dependence on Suisse Mocha, a chemical-filled, coffee-flavored "drink" that he consumes by the bucket.

But really, KUDOS to DADZ on some great progress this month. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!



Great blog - please do mention in some future post the very beautiful sight of DADZ and Ariella learning Gemara together.

OneTiredEma said...

Bring DADZ to Aroma for a Cafe Mocha! (or, as you astutely called it, a Hafuch Mocha). But not tomorrow, because that is our day.

Anonymous said...

Catching up-enjoyed the reference to hooded/non-hooded fleece coats